Breakfast of Champions

Rehearsal, 10 am. Hey I got time for breakfast. I’m heading over to the closest breakfast chain anticipating some great morning grub. Man, I can taste those hash browns with my over easy eggs and some wheat toast with strawberry jelly. Lotsa coffee. I’m in Baby. 8:30 am, I’ve got plenty of time before we […]

It’s All About The Gravy

Things I’ve Learned From Otis Trust Your Friends Otis has good friends. Smokey comes to visit from down the street, leaping and bounding because he is so excited to see his buddy Otis. I have never seen two cats so comfortable with one another. Otis always remembers the humans he likes. As soon as my […]

Hammond B 3

Want to talk Monster, Wall of Sound……Hammond organs powered by Leslie Speakers. The Hammond is an electric organ first manufactured in 1935.  The organ generates sound with a metal tone wheel near an electromagnetic pickup.  Recording these beasts, the mics reveal the the tone wheels firing.  Truly awesome.  Traditionally, Leslie Speakers were used.  The Leslie […]