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  • Mommy – A Heartfelt Music Video By Windstudio Records

    Mommy – A Heartfelt Music Video By Windstudio Records

    Mommy – A Heartfelt Music Video By Windstudio Records. How Mommy Was Created Adam Puchalski, the visionary mind behind Windstudio Records, has embarked on a unique musical journey with the release of the video “Mommy”. Capturing the authentic voice of a child, this video is as raw and genuine as it gets. With the heartwarming…

  • Gratitude


    I have spoken to many people who have great levels of success and one of the most predominate statements they make is of gratitude. They have appreciation for what they have, not necessarily dependent on monetary gain. Also, they speak of the path they have followed, the people in their lives and the circumstances they…

  • Criticism And Haters

    Criticism And Haters

    We all deal with it. Our art is very personal; it is an expression of the depths of our being. Criticism from others has torn me to shreds. Likewise, it has created feelings of inadequacy and anger. Someone else’s disapproval of my abilities impacts my self worth. Judging involves having an opinion on something, pointing…

  • Balance


    I’ve heard of this concept called work/life balance. A friend of mine told me his employer taught the concept at an employee work shop. Turns out the job still required a maximum amount of commitment from the employees with little commitment from the employer. So much for balance, as long as the employer gets the…

  • Challenges And Frustration

    Challenges And Frustration

    Frustration It’s part of the deal. Sometimes there is just nothing we can do about it.  Situations will arise which are completely beyond control. How we react to the challenge is what sets us apart. There are “tragedies” which happen everyday – I loose my wallet, misplace my keys, the cat refuses to come in,…

  • What Is Imposter Syndrome?

    What Is Imposter Syndrome?

    So this morning, I’m listening to one of my favorite podcasts, and the podcast host starts talking about Imposter Syndrome. I’m, like, what is he talking about? I had never heard the term. I Had No Idea Evidently, Impostor Syndrome is a thought process where a person seconds guesses and may not even believe their abilities,…

  • Mental Latency

    Mental Latency

    Often times I draw a blank while talking. The pause in thought process seems excruciating, including some mild embarrassment. This tendency is annoying. I am a highly intelligent human, or at least I would like to think so. My good friend Jerry explained this phenomenon. Short-Timers Short timers is a progressive mental state that blocks…

  • Attitude And Belief

    Attitude And Belief

    To quote a famous teacher, “When I was a child, I thought as a child.” Now that I’m older I want to be mature in my thought process. The reason Why Attitude and belief are foundations of purpose. It’s okay to be happy without one. Lives have been ruined because of persons exercising their purpose.…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast #33

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast #33

    Featuring Chris Hogan Chris Hogan Shares His work In seattle Can we help you? Thank you for following. We appreciate comments and suggestions. You know where to find us.

  • Vision


    If there is no dream, how can there be a guide post?View post to subscribe to site newsletter.

  • The Why

    The Why

    What are the reasons and motivations for doing what we do?

  • Who Are The Experts?

    Who Are The Experts?

    Yeah, Sure, I’m an expert. Just ask me. Proof Of Expertise Correcting the mistakes others validates my self-belief. You know what I have found: it’s easy to be critical when someone is not around. An Analogy I have encountered major blunders when correcting the work of others. My favorite mistake is the over use of…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 27

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 27

    Featuring Mickey LaRosa Film Curator, Writer, Former Film maker, Master of Arts, Editor in Chief MLR Movie and Live Music Reviews Mickey Shares his insights and Influences in the Film Industry Can we help you? Thank you for following. We appreciate comments and suggestions. You know where to find us.

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 26

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 26

    Featuring Dylan Hughes Bassist, Composer, Singer, Arranger, Engineer, Video Host Can we help you?

  • The Compelling Reasons

    The Compelling Reasons

    Why are we driven to do the things we do? I can only speak for myself and what are my compelling reasons. Need I have to play music, record and associate with like-minded people. There is no choice. How do I know? There have been seasons when I have not been musically involved. The results…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 25

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 25

    Featuring William Kenower Author, Lecturer, Coach Can we help you?

  • Vision


    Terms like mission statements, objectives, purpose, values, and vision. What do I get when I utilize search engines for a definition of vision? A bunch of corporate speak on the how, why, and variations on said subject. Seems to me it’s a parroting of various courses offered by universities.

  • In Process

    In Process

    I consider my ego a tool, as opposed as to reflection of who I am. The sweet spot of my self confidence is strongly correlated within the function of my belief that I can do more than facts suggest. I’m waiting to see how this all turns out. Of course this applies to music, the…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 19

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 19

    Featuring Danny Godinez Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer Can we help you in any way? Thank You for following us. We appreciate comments and suggestions. You know where to find us.

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 18

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 18

    Steve Smith, Percussionist, Music Professional, Engineer, Producer and Author, Shares his Musical Expertise Is there any way we can help you? Thank You for reading. We appreciate comments and suggestions. You know where to find us.

  • This Tool Ain’t Getting Any Sharper

    This Tool Ain’t Getting Any Sharper

    I have serious management potential. I believe I care enough to actually affect change. Yep, Sharp as a marble. A few bricks shy of a load. Not the brightest spoon in the drawer nor sharpest tool in the shed. I have spent a life time pursuing my dreams. Of course there have been interruptions and…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 16

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 16

    Featuring Adam Puchalski of Wind Studios Deciding Instrumentation and Voicings in Recording Projects Can we help you in any way? We appreciate comments and suggestions. Thank You for reading. You know where to find us.

  • How To Herd Cats

    How To Herd Cats

    This Is A Bit Of A Stretch… Definition Of A Cat: Evidently Cab Calloway coined the term in the 30’s. Back in 1938, he published Cab Calloway’s Cat-ologue: A “Hepster’s” Dictionary. Wikipedia has a great page on the origins of Jive; vastly entertaining. A “Cat” could have been a jazz musician in a New Orleans whore…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 15

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 15

    Sarah Pinzon, L.A. Recording and Session Artist, Lead Singer of Hell’s Belles Think you got what it takes to make it in the L.A. studio scene? Sarah Pinzon works as a session player and artist. Check out Mackncheeze Podcast # 15 and find out if you have the grit to do likewise. Can we help…

  • Seven Examples Of Counting The Cost

    Seven Examples Of Counting The Cost

    What are you willing to give up to chase your dreams? If we want it badly, we have got to sacrifice. Obsession, it’s what we do regardless what is happening. First thing in the morning pounding it out. Last thing at night, getting the final two cents in. Priorities: Woody Allen: “80 percent of the…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast #13: Sean Farchild

    Mackncheeze        Music Podcast #13:                          Sean Farchild

    Can we help you in any way? We appreciate comments and suggestions. Thanks for reading. You know where to find us.

  • K.I.S.S.


    Keep It Simple Stupid I first learned of the K.I.S.S. concept in college jazz lab band. The professor, a horn player by the name of Bart, introduced the notion to soloists. I loved Bart; he was awesome. Evidently there are two ways to interpret K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid, or, Keep It Simple, Stupid. I…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast 11

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast 11

    An Interview with Knuckles Front Man Dan Manier and Guitarist Sean Hudson Can we help you in any way? https://www.mackncheeze.com/ We appreciate comments and suggestions. You know where to find us. Thanks for listening.

  • Fat Fingers

    Fat Fingers

    Chubby digits, that’s what I got. What I mean is – I make a lot of mistakes. I blame my mistakes on my five thumbs which are attached to both of my hands. Generally, fat fingers applies to any editing program I might be working with: photo, video, audio, text… all of them. The wrong…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 10:

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 10:

    Adam Puchalski and Bryan Discuss EQ and Panning For Application In Home Studios Can we help you in any way? https://www.mackncheeze.com Comments and suggestions welcome. You know where to find us. Thank You for reading. Please follow us on Face Book at Mackncheeze Music.

  • Mackncheeze Podcast # 9

    Mackncheeze Podcast # 9

    Eric Ritts Shares Insights On Marco Bass Guitars Can we help you in any way? Thank You. If you have enjoyed this blog, please share with others who might find us interesting. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. You know where to find us.

  • Getting The Mix

    Getting The Mix

    Getting a great mix can be very tough. Recording well requires quality inputs, correct performance, and extreme listening skills. The adage, “It’s not the gear, it’s the ear” holds a lot of truth. Better listening begets qualitative judgement, which enhances desire for equipment that can satisfy ever expanding qualitative judgement, which creates gear sluts, people…

  • Finding My Core Values

    Finding My Core Values

    I have been on a path of discovery. Since I have started blogging I have had to do a lot of inner searching. I understand that I need to be who I am and not try to fake my way through this process. Friends who read my blog have told me that that they can…

  • Inspiration


    I choose to hang with folks who are smarter, more talented and more driven than myself. Daily, I take time to read and garner other peoples ideas, checking to see if their concepts and practices are adaptable to my circumstance. I think I have applied maybe 1 out of 1000 suggestions. You might think it…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast 6

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast 6

    Finding High Quality Guitars On A Budget We are podcasting on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Overcast and Radio Public. Just key in Bryan at Mackncheeze, or click the link below. Can we help you in any way?

  • Goals


    My absolute, top priority is to become a better player. Honestly, I believe I require practice four hours per day to actually achieve needed results. I know this is true; when I can consistently commit time day in, day out, week in, week out, I rise above plateaus and keep pressing on. I have spent…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast Episode 5

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast Episode 5

    Crazy Things Can Happen At Gigs! An interview with Eric Ritts (Marco Bass Guitars) and Sean Hudson (Guitarist for Knuckles and The Disco Cowboys). We are Podcasting on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Overcast and Radio Public. Just key in Bryan at Mackncheeze or click the link below. Is there anyway we can…

  • Embarrassment


    We all have been there. Forgetting our vocal line, missing the cue, blowing the arrangement; one domino falls over and the entire band goes with it. As uncomfortable as it can be, revealing our disappointment on stage, telling the audience how badly its been blown with body language and comments to one another, should never…

  • Mackncheeze Podcast Episode 4

    Mackncheeze Podcast Episode 4

    https://www.windstudiomusic.com We are Podcasting on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Overcast and Radio Public. Key in Bryan at Mackncheeze. Or just click the link below… Is there any thing we can do to help?

  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    Yep, lent a drum throne to a one my drummer friends. Never saw it again. Hey man, that ain’t a book, it’s a drum throne; it has importance and a purpose. Drove the band across state, did any one offer to help with gas? Booked the gig, provided the P.A., set up the equipment and…

  • Where Was I ?

    Where Was I ?

    My brain constantly fires on all cylinders; I can’t keep up. The distractions are endless. Like walking through the front door and leaving a trail of keys, wallet, phone and whatever else my hands happened to be clutching. It’s like a slug trail, except it’s not slime, but an ephemeral path I will retrace sometime…

  • Brain Damaged

    Brain Damaged

    I’m not sure what I did. Rumor has it, as an infant, I was dropped on my head. I don’t know, I can’t remember. Perhaps my amygdala smashed in to my hippocampus, resulting in memory loss. Could have been the drugs or maybe my continuing love of alcohol. Or that last bicycle accident; was that…

  • Don’t Forget To Laugh

    Don’t Forget To Laugh

    One of my nicknames is Chuckles; I snigger a lot. There’s too much that could make me cry, so I choose to counter with a grin and a snort, embracing absurdity. Yeah, man, life is too short and difficult. Another nickname is Pelon. My Latin friends gave me that name but usually there is a…

  • Red Light Fever

    Red Light Fever

    We have all had moments of epiphany: a moment when a veil uncovers our eyes, blindfolds are removed, an ‘Aha’ moment. Mine came many years ago in a recording session. We had a 10 song project with plans to finish taping in three weeks. Everyone had full time jobs so we were only able to…

  • My Cocoon

    As much as possible, I try super hard to shield myself from negativity. Well meaning friends and relatives, seeking sympathy or empathy for their less than positive situations, inadvertently drop their experiences into my refuse pile. Which brings me to Negativity Bias: negative situations have greater impact on one’s state of mind than a positive…

  • The Good Old Days

    Does any one remember rotary phones? My biggest challenge with those phones was lack of privacy. There was no solitude when conversing; who ever was in the kitchen or living room became an audience to conversations with girl friends. I hated that. I remember my first debit card. It felt like The Beast was taking…

  • Excuses

    How about one more excuse?

  • Mackncheeze Is Now Podcasting

    We are now podcasting on seven different platforms: ITunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Breaker and Radio Public. Just key in Bryan at Mackncheeze on of these podcast stations. Or, just click on the link..https://anchor.fm/bryan-s-dehart. We will be posting on You Tube soon. Can we help you in any way?

  • Adam Puchalski

    Adam Puchalski

    Artist Focus Part Two Guitar, Song Writer, Recording and Mastering Engineer https://www.windstudiomusic.com/ Adam: My first experience with digital audio was Voyetra. It was basically a MIDI orchestral arranger. Before Voyetra I was using Cakewalk for its MIDI capabilities.  Do you remember how you discovered MIDI? Mackncheeze: Yeah. Adam: A buddy of mine had a Yamaha…

  • Adam Puchalski

    Adam Puchalski

    Artist Focus Part One Guitar, Song Writer, Recording and Mastering Engineer https://www.windstudiomusic.com/ Mackncheeze: My very first question, who are you? Adam: I love music. I do what I say I’m going to do and that nails it.   If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it; I’m not going to tell you…

  • Sarcasm: Just Another Service I Offer

    Sarcasm: Just Another Service I Offer

    Sarcasm = Superpower!

  • When Bryan Was In Pharaoh’s Land

    When Bryan Was In Pharaoh’s Land

    The People Who Understand Me

  • Irony


    Besides folks walking down the street having animate conversations on their phones, looking every bit like crazy people did 20 years ago, here are a few ironic circumstances I have encountered: Being a drummer yet carrying batteries, picks and extra chords for guitar players who forget such. Lead vocalists who don’t own a microphone, let…

  • Social Capital

    What is the price of our relationships? I often joke that I do not have the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and financial capital for another girl friend. I ask myself: what am I willing to spend to consummate my musical relationships? The answer is simple yet surprisingly complex. First: I haven’t got time to work with…

  • Robert Brewer

    Artist Focus Singer, DJ, Songwriter, Producer and Guitarist Part Two https://www.facebook.com/RobertBrewerSeattle/ Mackncheeze: When you were at the Art Institute, did you study vocals? How did you learn to sing the way you do? Rob: A mixture of church, singing by myself, with my quarter inch reel to reel, some vocal training; at the Art Institute…

  • Robert Brewer

    Artist Focus Singer, DJ, Songwriter, Producer and Guitarist Part One https://www.facebook.com/RobertBrewerSeattle/ Mackncheeze: Who Are you? I am Robert Brewer, son of Shirley Brewer, grandson of Lula Bell Brewer, from Seattle Washington, born and raised in West Seattle, at High Point. Back in World War Two, High Point was subsidized government housing for military personnel, all…

  • I Have No Children

    The Gene Pool Stops Here Times were when I used to envy my married friends. But enough about my thirties. When I hit forty it was like, “What was I thinking?” I’ve been told I would be a good father. Yeah, maybe when I cared. Now I’m selfish and jealous with my time. Life’s priorities…

  • Impatience

    Pardon me, but I sometimes forget an ordinary human being is not interested in sitting down for hour upon hour trying to perfect an imperfection. Basic nature of artistic endeavor of any sort requires lots of time spent by one’s self, working out a path of accomplishment. Social Distancing. Wood Shedding, the old timers called…

  • Tom Glase

    Artist Focus Part Two Wine Maker, Owner Of Beresan and Balboa Wineries Mackncheeze: Who are you? In my entire life, my kids are the best thing that’s ever happened. My kids are centered and focused and on their way and they are artists. I told them if you’re not ready to go to college, don’t…

  • Tom Glase

    Artist Focus Part One Wine Maker, Owner Of Beresan and Balboa Wineries This interview involved sharing a bottle of 1998 St. Innocent Pinot Noir from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Mackncheeze: Tell me about the kids and playing music? Tom: They both grew up playing instruments. My son played trumpet for a year and didn’t really like…

  • Wasting Time

    I haven’t really talked about the Corona Virus outbreak. I thought maybe folks might be able to identify with a few of Memes. For the truly idle, there is danger from from Covid 15; fifteen pounds from a shuttered lifestyle. One of my friends, in two and a half weeks, has gone from ignoring Facebook…

  • Consummate Optimism

    Why not? I believe people on our paths have been put here to help us navigate life. Aren’t I the driver of this car? I get to drive with who and where I want. I will put aside envy. My grass is green enough; I will keep fertilizing my own lawn. I will not internalize…

  • Failure

    It’s not A Choice But A Life Style I remember when I dumped a cup of coffee over a hard drive recorder, AAARG! Thank God it was creamless. One week under a blow dryer cured that potential disaster. Hats off to the manufacturer for apparent musician proof design. When on stage as a warm up…

  • Things We’ve Lost

    But Not Forever Guest Blog By Todd Ainsworth When I first started contributing to the Mackncheeze Music Blog, I thought I’d just give a few stories from the front lines of Seattle’s early 90’s heyday, or give a personal story of how music has affected my life. What I didn’t expect was that our lives…

  • Drama, Don’t Leave Home Without It

    I’m astounded at what a comfort zone drama can be. Personally, I try to minimize conditions which allow for its growth. Politics, avoid politics. Some folks crave ongoing bad news and having vitriol for public figures. Yes, it is deserved, but there are more interesting subjects that get my panties tied into a knot. I…

  • John Passarelli

    Artist Focus John Passerelli Has Been Local Force In The Seattle Area For Decades Mackncheeze: My first question-who are you? John: I have some cute answers. I consider myself to be, how do I put this, a positively charged rhythmic and melodic confluence of heart and mind. That’s my musical self, which is most of…

  • On Bullshit

    Book Review It might seem odd that I would do a book review on a subject that we all are familiar with. I couldn’t resist. Shopping at the local bookstore, title screaming at me, I had to pick it up. Turns out Harry G Frankfurt is a Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University. His resume…

  • Picking Low Fruit

    Some days I find it hard to be inspired. When I reach a point of nothing, which can be alcohol induced, I usually plop down in front of the TV and enter a state of, “Since it’s TV time I should be eating.” This condition usually shows up about midnight. My basic understanding of Circadian…

  • Get A Clue

    As a drummer, my most important function is to keep time. In the 80’s I learned how to play live with sequences, time delay, arpeggiators and click tracks. In another band, we were recording an album, with out click, and I could not get past the fourth song. I was second guessing every beat and…

  • The Third Place

    There’s your family, there’s your job. In your life, where is the Third place you derive your sense of community? It used to be church, or civic clubs, some sort of lodge, maybe the library. Nowadays, Starbucks has laid claim to being a place of gathering. All I see there are people with coffee and…

  • Absurdity

    The times are changing. It seems so much moves so quickly that is getting harder to keep up. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s my look of perceptive skills, probably, it’s the alcohol. Looking for my sunglasses while I’m wearing them. Another pointless meeting at the job. One more cancelled studio date because people don’t…

  • Driving By Braille

    Why not drive without head lights? Isn’t that what curbs and side walks were made for? Just kind of feel your way down the street risking flat tires. For a time it seemed to partially work. Example Number One: I spent a year traveling with a band that disregarded our booking agents parameters. The only…

  • Life Is Precious

    Back in the day, when gigs were booked by the week, we played a one month stint in small coastal town. Four live music venues, tons of bars, and some pretty good restaurants. The local industry survived on fishing. Quite a prosperous place. In a town such as this, it was quite natural to develop…

  • Terry Jones

    Guest Blog By Todd Ainsworth I’m not dead yet! Unfortunately, that’s not quite true anymore for Terry Jones of Monty Python fame. We, who “got” the Monty Python humor ( and I remember many of my friends when I was younger didn’t ) were saddened on January 21st. by the news of his passing. Now,…

  • With The Sea On The Horizon

    And The Future In My Hands…. I’m not sure about you, but for me, I love looking out upon the ocean shores, looking at the expanse of the sea, peering into the horizon. My God, regardless of the weather, its so beautiful. And peaceful. I could just sit and watch and write and let it…

  • Rhythmic Harmony Part 2

    Guest Blog by Finn Music Geek Stuff Today we will look at one of my favorite tools. The Baiou’ rhythm and its modes. Baiou’ is pronounced Bayonne (The spelling? Someone kept yelling ” I’ld like a vowel, Vanna”). You’ll need paper and pencil for this one. This is Linear Harmony as opposed to Vertical Harmony.…

  • Don’t Drink The Kool Aid

    I should not make light of this, but the fact of the matter is if you aren’t all in, you’re not all in. Hence the purpose of this blog. It could be argued I’m not all in either, because most of my income is earned outside of music. Seriously looking to change that. All you…

  • I Have A Dream

    Do you have a Dream? I dream and have dreams of success. I once dreamt I was a chicken. I am not sure what the underlying psychology of chicken dreams means in relationship to reality, but there it is. Cocking my head and eyeing the gravel, looking for that kernel of corn. I thrust my…

  • It’s All About The Gravy

    Things I’ve Learned From Otis Trust Your Friends It’s all about the gravy. There are many different ways to enjoy it. Otis has good friends. Smokey comes to visit from down the street, leaping and bounding because he is so excited to see his buddy Otis. I have never seen two cats so comfortable with…