Working for the man, I hear terms like mission statements, objectives, purpose, values and vision. What do I get when I utilize search engines for a definition of vision? A bunch of corporate speak on the how, why and variations on said subject. Seems to me it’s a parroting of various courses offered by universities.

Does this define my consideration of vision?

Practicing vision gives me the chance to close my eyes and see the fulfillment of my dreams and aspirations. If I were where I wanted to be, how would that appear? It’s been said a person should visualize the end point of the journey and work backwards; what contributed to the trek and how did it look?

I’m not talking about visualizing world peace, eliminating hunger, solving homelessness or any of humanities nobler goals. I recognize vision for these virtuous ends as super important, but it seems like a crazy hallucination. There is so much I can not change.

My Vision Is Personalized

Any of my two to five year plans didn’t work; did they for you? Besides, if you are like me you change your mind a lot. It doesn’t mean a person is a flake or indecisive. Particulars and circumstances are not static; perhaps therein lies a bit of wisdom in rearranging my thought process.

The most important vision I can actualize is for myself and for my family.

In the past I have floundered along with out being able to see my destination. At most times my line of sight was directed towards what others thought I should be looking for. Family, corporation, church, girl friends, chums…Funny thing, there are a whole lot of people out there who are willing to tell me what my vision should be, but who are actualizing their line of sight as if it were mine.

And They Wonder How Come I’m Not Smarter

Always, in the front and back of my mind, I have had to be involved in music. I can’t, nor do I want to, leave it behind. Put music down, sell all my gear and after season I would be right back at it.

There are tons of people more qualified and far more successful, so why pursue it? The thing is, I can’t comprehend giving up.

Over the years what I have seen in my future changes. From the heady days of spending month after month on the road, quietly playing in weekend club bands, working in original acts, writing music, to putting together my own recording studio. The vision I had at twenty two is not the vision I have today.

Vision ties in with things I’m passionate about. When there was no line of sight, or when I lived in the expectations of others, there was no real excitement, no anticipation, just mindless wandering. I am now able to see past the garbage and work towards that which does not yet exist. What I imagine is an out come tied to my understanding of myself, my thoughts, my situation.

Those who have thought and conceptualized their vision for me also have directed me on a path of fulfillment. “Do this and that,” they say, “and you will realize the other thing. Listen to my words and do as so-and-so did and blah, blah, blah…”

We are not often told how much a person needs to put aside to realize their dreams. I am not willing to sacrifice for someone else’s vision. What once delighted me as far as social expectations and responsibilities are now sidelined with not a single regret.

I’m sure that those who have gone before us did not walk down a perfectly straight line; they did not hit every road marker that identified their highway, did not celebrate every little victory and achievement, their plotted course wasn’t always true north. But what they could do was communicate eloquently where they saw themselves headed and deal with challenges in the way. They fought, and continue to fight, the good fight.

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