Criticism And Haters

We all deal with it. Our art is very personal; it is an expression of the depths of our being. Criticism from others has torn me to shreds. Likewise, it has created feelings of inadequacy and anger. Someone else’s disapproval of my abilities impacts my self worth.

Judging involves having an opinion on something, pointing it out to be either good or bad. Criticism, however, is expressing an opinion on something without pinpointing anything good or bad.

On the positive side, criticism can be an evaluative or corrective exercise.

Who Is Paying Attention To you?

Most people aren’t interested in much else but themselves and their personal interests. Let me put heavy emphasis on self. In addition to that, societal influences are enormous.

I have a philosophy. I like to call it the 1/3 rule. It doesn’t matter what you do, who you are or who your audience is. 1/3 will love it, 1/3 will hate it and 1/3 won’t care. Only a very tiny percentage of those who hate you will actually take the time to throw criticism your way.

I truly believe those who disseminate negative vitriol are compensating for their own perceived inadequacies. The fact that they actually have time for such behavior is a great indicator.

Is critical behavior a dominating part of your personality? I suggest you step back and work on some hard introspection. I’m willing to bet there is lack fruit in your life.

Opinion Ghettos

Then there are Opinion Ghettos. People who pass judgment and have hateful opinions live in this slum. An impoverished mind set can become a place where we are overly concerned about the opinions of others. This is a place of squalor.

My personal challenge is to overcome points of view that are destructive. It is super critical to surround yourself with associations that are positive and supportive. I actively pursue relationships that are naturally reciprocal. You never know when you may need to lean on someone for support. In the same way, we can be available for those who need ours.

And the most prevalent Opinion Ghetto? Ta-da, Social media.

When your art stands for something, these folks can come out of the woodwork, especially if they don’t agree with or understand you. Worse, they have no risk of personal confrontation. People hide behind Facebook’s invisible wall with no accountability. Hateful posts have destroyed people. Someone posts an emotional trigger and complete strangers jump on the band wagon. Reputations become questionable and ruined.

Count on someone being jealous when you attain success. This can be a sign post that you are doing something right.

Being Humble

It was important to learn humility.

I have learned to be more accepting of others. Practicing thinking as others helps create empathy towards my fellow human beings.

Humbleness can be tough. Listening to the opinions of others can be super frustrating. It is a hard pill to swallow, especially when we are more competent than our critics. Why does it seem those with the strongest criticisms are often the most flawed in practice and execution? Regardless, my response is respectful, measured and introspective. Maybe my detractor has a point.

Dealing With Criticism

I have learned to use criticism to evaluate myself. It is super important to listen to what others have to say. Objective intent can actually teach something. Yet truth hurts if you let it; there is perspective in a haters criticism, you only have to find it.
A lot of judgement from others can create anger. Remember, they are not the ones who provoke our emotions. I am the one who gets to choose my response to negative comments.

Our process of creativity involves independent thinking and motivation. Our belief systems and character can come under attack but we can use this to show critics that they are incorrect in their observations. Displaying attainment and accomplishment quiets the doubters and haters.

So much of our process involves independent thinking and motivation. Personal belief systems and character can come under attack. Our actions can show our critics that they are incorrect in their observations. Move forward, displaying attainment and accomplishments, quieting the doubters and haters.

Conformity is super comfortable. Avoid the pressure of caving into a critic’s observations, together with maintaining your individuality.

Don’t worry about impressing others, most people aren’t even interested in caring. The only person who can stop you is yourself. Take pride in your achievements, succeeding when critics would have you fail.

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