Attitude And Belief

To quote a famous teacher, “When I was a child, I thought as a child.” Now that I’m older I want to be mature in my thought process.

The reason Why

Attitude and belief are foundations of purpose. It’s okay to be happy without one. Lives have been ruined because of persons exercising their purpose.

The attitudes and beliefs we carry with us often originate from our childhood. How we were raised greatly affects our frame of mind. A well meaning relative, trying to protect a child, can implant a life time of limiting thoughts.

The responsibility of change lies within us. We can control how we react to life’s circumstances. Rejecting self limitation is part of achieving freedom. This process includes understanding our belief systems.

What Is Belief?

That has been the philosopher’s puzzle since time immemorial. In the age of out of control social media, this is becoming ever increasingly more difficult to define. I propose belief in one’s self is paramount.

Belief can be based on both negative and positive thinking. An example: as I grew up, my father told me if a person wasn’t rich by their twenties, they were never going grow rich. I read later most millionaires come in to money in their fifties and sixties. I believed through my thirties that I could never become wealthy because of what I was taught by my father. My actions followed that distorted belief.

Today the sky is the limit.

What Is Attitude?

Attitude is reflected in a person’s behavior. It reveals a settled way of thinking, as well as, emotive responses to people, situations and objects.


Hope is an expectation that tomorrow will be better than today. It is a belief in sunnier weather tomorrow, or a smoother path ahead. There is not a burden of responsibility, rather, it is the universe which ought to make things better.

However, I expect that my own efforts will improve my future.

Suffering I can’t control leads to hopelessness.

Being an optimist, I am always searching for temporary and specific sources of personal setbacks. A pessimistic person assumes blame lies on enduring and extensive causes.

I refuse to allow the opinions of unsuccessful people to hold me back. I think of myself as free from the negative opinions of others; in the long run, expecting a huge pay out.

Singularity Of Purpose

Consider the merit of subjective belief. Faith in achieving a destination dictates action. The power of a mind frame affects our behavior and relationships. Thoughts lack the power to decide their own fate.

The mind steers its way through the world using belief as the foundation. We expect our environment to behave in a certain way. We expect our experiences to confirm to our convictions.

A Bad Example

There are people who blame everyone but their selves for their challenging situations. We all know them. The person refuses to see the only common denominator in their relationships. It is obvious to everyone else the root problem originates from that complainer.

Beliefs are essential to surviving. The whiner participates in a strange mode of self preservation by being unaccountable to their own decisions. They are blind to another path which would allow life to become simpler to negotiate.

We are constantly attempting to understand our environment. The subconscious mind organizes all the data that bombards us. This allows us, with the help of our beliefs, to become more accurate in determining our goals.

Attitude and belief dictates our aspect, temperament, emotions, situation, decisions, evaluations and predilections.

My friends are amazing in that they exhibit strength in their convictions. These are my people. They know where they are going and why. Let me embrace what their lives exhibit.

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