I’ve heard of this concept called work/life balance. A friend of mine told me his employer taught the concept at an employee work shop. Turns out the job still required a maximum amount of commitment from the employees with little commitment from the employer. So much for balance, as long as the employer gets the lion’s share. Corporate Crap, ad nauseam.

What does balance look like?

Some things I have read about balance:

  • Priorities are clear, know what you are doing and why, executing the necessary implementation.
  • Know when to say no.
  • Each day requires reckoning what is important.
  • Get enough sleep. 
  • Does your career have work/life balance.
  • Exercising several times a week.
  • Do things you enjoy, daily.


The biggest coercive influence in society is our culture. Cultural norms dictate how we should behave. The expectation of conforming is so prevalent, if we do not do so, we could get locked up in jail or committed to a mental institution.

We humans make one irrational decision after another. I have been caught up in desirability bias, hoping that expectations become reality. When that circumstance fails I try to cover my butt by making up reasons for its failure. The illusion created is that my actions were rational when they actually were not.

It’s important that I understand my nature. Most of us are caught up in confirmation bias; we see what we expect to see and then act on that expectation. I am attempting to question my own rationality. God knows it has lead me down many stray paths; primarily failed relationships, but that’s another story.

Part of life is learning how to balance subjective beliefs with objectivity.

Oh,oh. Let’s not go down the rabbit hole of the consciousness of reality. I try to to keep my blogs light weight. And yet, there it is.


Sustained anger, fear and worry are a huge drain on my resources. I’m not interested in wasting my valuable mental real estate on someone else’s agenda. I have been caught in that trap, and that trap leads to excuses. Sometimes it seemed inescapable.

The trap lies in our relationships. Some form of conflict is inevitable, there is no way around it. How am I going to react and deal with the situations life throws at me?

I play to my strengths and try to understand my weaknesses. I learned the hard way I can’t be everything to everybody; as much as possible my time is my own. Understanding when my focus and energy is most effective is key. Mornings are perfect for writing, late morning to early afternoon for practicing, late afternoon for exercise, evenings are for collating research.

I would love for each day to be this organized, but that is far from reality. By adhering to these priorities as much as possible I alleviate lots of stress.

My work space is a haven. Those tools which are most beneficial to my efficiency and happiness are in my studio. Peace of mind is the reward of my environment.

Our relationships

I spend a lot of time judging others; it is awfully hard not to. Making judgement calls on our immediate world is what keeps us alive. Our hominid ancestors were wired that way; each day was spent dealing with the challenges of survival.

Life is less hand to mouth now. Most of our challenges revolve around other people. There are patterns we recognize and utilize in our daily interactions.

In order to get through the day we are going to make judgment calls on those we associate with. I try very hard not to focus on people’s lesser transgressions. So much of the way we behave is flat out thoughtless and automatic. I want to judge others the way I want to be judged.

My Goal

The goal here at Mackncheeze is to place others front and center. Besides, what other people accomplish is far more interesting than what I personally do.

Richness and complexity resides in human beings; especially those whose creative force dominates their lives. When that force is consciously affirmed, nurtured, and developed, the result becomes the defining factor of their success.

I want to to stand as close to that flame as possible.

Can we help you?

Thank you for following. We appreciate comments and suggestions. You know where to find us.

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