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I like the dictionary definition of vision: The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom. Indeed, a significant component of the how and why we do this.

This post’s subject is not about visualizing world peace, eliminating hunger and homelessness, or any of humanity’s nobler goals. These visions are important, but I need help to change them directly.

The World View

Working for the man, I hear words like mission statements, objectives, purpose, values, and vision.

What is the search engine definition? It is a parroting of many courses offered by universities. A bunch of corporate speak on the how, why, and variations thereof. I reject this.

A great teacher once said, “With out vision the people perish.” I agree.

If there is no dream, how can there be a guidepost? Dreams are a vehicle for transforming ideas into something real and tangible that will affect others.

What About Me?

Vision is a chance to close my eyes and see the fulfillment of dreams and aspirations. What is my commitment? Why is this meaningful? What is the process? When?

Pretty much end of story, right?

Personalized Vision

My two to five year plans didn’t work. Did yours?

If you are like me, you change your mind a lot.

It doesn’t mean we are flaky or indecisive. Particulars and circumstances are not static; there is wisdom in rearranging thought processes.

The most important vision I can actualize is for myself and for my family.

Who has dictated my vision? My Family, job, church, girlfriends, and chums. There are a whole lot of people willing to tell me what my dream should be.

They believe their vision is more practicable than mine. They wonder how come I’m not smarter. The fact of the matter – it is the vision they have for their selfish ends.

Without my unique, prioritized vision, there is no destination to attain. Now is the time to stop ambling along. What am I looking for? Why wait?

Music has always been there. I can’t get way from it. Put it down, sell everything and after season I would be right back at it.

Of course, some folks exist that are more qualified and far more successful. You may ask, “Why should you even attempt to succeed?”

The thing is, I can’t comprehend giving up.


Seeking perfection is the enemy of new ideas. Many ideas are embarrassingly lacking; I know mine are. Embracing and only acting upon the perfect concept is a safeguard. Who wants to look stupid?

What I have learned over the years is that what I envision changes. There are the heady days of spending month after month on the road. Then I moved to quietly play in weekend club bands, writing music, and putting together my recording studio.

As I keep searching for ways to improve my situation, I create more favorable chances of finding my vision. Furthermore, it is a guarantee that if nothing, nothing changes.

The vision I had at twenty-two is not part of today.

Being Passionate

Vision is everything. When I was without it or lived in the expectations of others, there was no real excitement, no anticipation, just mindless wandering. Now I can see past the garbage and work towards that which does not yet exist.

Understanding myself is directly related to what I can imagine.

There have been people in my life who have conceptualized their vision as my path to fulfillment. “Do this and that,” they say, “and you will realize the other thing.” “Listen to my words and do as so-and-so did and blah, blah, blah….” I’ve heard it all before.

How much has to be put to the side to realize dreams? I was once delighted with social expectations and responsibilities. There are no regrets about casting them aside. I am not willing to sacrifice for the vision of another person.

Those who have gone before us did not walk down a perfectly straight line. The successes they experienced only hit some road markers that identified their path. There was no celebration of every little victory and achievement; the course wasn’t always true north. But what they could do was eloquently communicate how they saw themselves moving and dealing with the challenges in their way. They fought, and continue to fight, the good fight.

What we envision, we can bring into reality. I seek to do so consciously, collaboratively, and responsibly.

Have you seen the mystical place called “There”?

I have envisioned what it would be like. I do not want miss the pleasure and adventure along the way.

Is there any way we can help?

Thank you for following this blog. We appreciate comments and suggestions. You know where to find us.

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