With The Sea On The Horizon

And The Future In My Hands….

I’m not sure about you, but for me, I love looking out upon the ocean shores, looking at the expanse of the sea, peering into the horizon. My God, regardless of the weather, its so beautiful. And peaceful.

I could just sit and watch and write and let it pull me in, inspiring me.

The pounding of the waves, the smell of salt in my nostrils, the cawing of the gulls.

An escape from the city, the pressures, the BS, the people, the expectations.

Memories of driftwood fires on the beach, building driftwood forts and crab pots off the pier.

I wish I had time for a pooch. I would love to release said dog on the beach, watching Fido reign in birds that will never be caught. I almost cry, it tugs my heart so hard.

My God, I love this place.

Can we help find your place?

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