What Is Imposter Syndrome?

So this morning, I’m listening to one of my favorite podcasts, and the podcast host starts talking about Imposter Syndrome. I’m, like, what is he talking about? I had never heard the term.

I Had No Idea

Evidently, Impostor Syndrome is a thought process where a person seconds guesses and may not even believe their abilities, endeavors and achievements are valid. They may envision themselves as being fake; not worthy of titles and accolades which relate to their success and skill set.

Sound familiar? Are you experiencing feelings of inadequacy and self doubt? Impostor feelings are generally accompanied by anxiety and, often, depression. Trust me, I know the feeling.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in other people’s shadows; a gnawing feeling that I’m not worthy, undeserving of the success and goals I am seeking.

Yes, but I’m not the only one. I read about this from perspectives of super famous and highly respected persons. Some folks use it as a motivational factor; a way to focus their mindset on achieving goals.

I think a great deal of us are so concerned about what others think that fear of exposure paralyzes our decisions and activities.

I Always Wanted To Be The Best

Perfectionism is one challenge. We perfectionists set super high standards for ourselves; when we fail to hit those standards, thoughts of not measuring up fuels uncertainty in our abilities.

Sometimes we are labeled control freaks. That’s okay, because nobody else is going to do this; that’s how I see it. We are the only people committed to our personal goals.

Something can always be done better. Yes, that can be a subjective judgement call, but it is true.

Times were that I said yes to everything folks asked me to do; anymore, I’m just not able to. It has taken changing my mind set to be less concerned how I am thought of by others. Plus, I have to re-prioritize. I wanted to be superman, but you can’t be everything to everybody. I have a skill set I can offer, yet, there will always be somebody who is better or can offer more.

Gone are the days when I felt I needed to be extremely competent. I have grown tired of beating myself up for my lack of technical prowess. I know with enough attempts I can get things almost correct. Recording has laid bare my abilities and helped me appreciate just how competent others are.

Passing judgment on myself can erode self confidence. I am still learning to give myself slack. I refuse to criticize others this harshly.

Can’t Hide Behind The facade

Time was when I felt seeking assistance would reveal how fake I was. These days, collaboration is everything. Everyone brings strengths and weaknesses to the table.

Despite changes I have made in my thought process, I still have this nagging feeling that I’m not measuring up to the expectations of others. Well guess what? They don’t care, they’re not thinking about me. Mostly they are concerned about themselves.

I think a great deal of us actually are caught up in imposter syndrome.

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