The Why

What are the reasons and motivations for doing what we do? What mechanisms drive of us? These questions are for each of us to define.

Let’s Start With Me

I have a longing for purpose. There are many facets to this existence: livelihood, family, passions and responsibilities. These are things that require understand and definition.

My emotions and mindset support and interact together. I daily encounter circumstances which elicit emotive responses.

A partial list: irritation, exasperation, understanding, forbearance, resentment, desire, shame, ignominy.

Life can dole out some tough challenges. However I choose to behave is a response to my social interactions.

What I want, what I need, is to quench this this fire that burns inside.

The Aspects Of Why

Love, of course.

Commitment and responsibility.

Pride and selfishness.

Inner Passion.

Destinies Path.

Reaching for self actualization and fulfillment.

It seems all these can be integrated as a whole, each one sustained by another. These components are elements which feed the flame.


The more perspective I have allows me to making sense of my life’s foundation. Following through with a course of action begins with understanding core determinations. Those decisions correlate to my goals.

I resolve to have calmness and equilibrium in my life.

The Path

An honest and noble journey does not necessarily preclude discovering all of my journey’s questions. I want to be at peace with steps I have taken, whether misguided or not. Thoughts, words and actions I have acted upon, these I hope to understand with crystal clear hind sight.

I hope my aspirations lead to success. Accomplishments that are low level to mid tier constantly change. They change because the path may veer to the right or left but summit to what always lies ahead.

Examining my needs leads to action on feelings, thoughts, habits and impulses.

I think these are a few reasons why we do the things we do.

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