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  • Music And The Sublime

    Music And The Sublime

    Photograph Compliments of Alexandra Nicolae Music is everywhere. What is the relation of music and the sublime? The Definition Of Sublime The dictionary definition of the sublime embraces the attributes of excellence, grandeur, or beauty; these concepts inspire great admiration. Regarding spirituality, the sublime represents a high degree of moral or spiritual purity. Aesthetics, as…

  • Dreams Of Flying

    Dreams Of Flying

    Dreams of flying have deep roots in the human psyche. As long as we have existed, one of humankind’s greatest desires has included visions of flight. Beyond count are the legends and stories that depict gods and heroes flying. Have you ever had dreams of flying or of floating? I have. I have had some…

  • The Stories We Tell Ourselves

    The Stories We Tell Ourselves

    What is your story? How is your self-talk effecting your mindset? How is it carrying over into your personal life?

  • Art As A Process

    Art As A Process

    Life brings enormous challenges, some which might represent the distance between how things are and how we would like them to be. By implementing process I have learned to attain my goals. Putting aside distractions allows follow through. I work to accomplish daily objectives. We can take measures that help develop our attributes and capacities,…

  • Love and Relationships

    Love and Relationships

    We all know what love is. I won’t even pretend to know what is right for another person. I’m not even sure that the general rules of romantic relationships actually work for everyone. Each dynamic has its own set of particulars which may not even apply to another persons circumstance. Foundations Both love and relationships…

  • Inspiration


    Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts The Greeks considered the Muses, the daughters of Zeus, goddesses of creativity. They were the source of inspiration for multiple artistic undertakings. Is inspiration of divine nature, of mystical origin? I have learned that creating motion, capturing and utilizing process can enhance creativity. Creative inventiveness can be sourced from ideas which…

  • Spirituality


    I think most all of us consider ourselves decent by nature. If we are suffering, it is only natural to seek a reason for that experience. Victor Frankl addresses this in his book “Man’s Search For Meaning”. How do we connect to our environment? Why do circumstances happen the way they do? What is the…

  • Gratitude


    I have spoken to many people who have great levels of success and one of the most predominate statements they make is of gratitude. They have appreciation for what they have, not necessarily dependent on monetary gain. Also, they speak of the path they have followed, the people in their lives and the circumstances they…

  • Balance


    I’ve heard of this concept called work/life balance. A friend of mine told me his employer taught the concept at an employee work shop. Turns out the job still required a maximum amount of commitment from the employees with little commitment from the employer. So much for balance, as long as the employer gets the…

  • Challenges And Frustration

    Challenges And Frustration

    Frustration It’s part of the deal. Sometimes there is just nothing we can do about it.  Situations will arise which are completely beyond control. How we react to the challenge is what sets us apart. There are “tragedies” which happen everyday – I loose my wallet, misplace my keys, the cat refuses to come in,…

  • Music As History

    Music As History

    Looking into music as history allows me to see the past, encountering persons, places and timeline; these things help me to develop a better understanding of where I have come from, present circumstances, my future destination. History impels me to consider matters which reveal the challenges of great artists, their successes and flat out grit.…

  • Learning To Listen

    Learning To Listen

    When I was in Junior High school band, our music instructor hammered in a basic musical concept over and over and over. He always said, “Listen to what is going on around you.” I think that is a basic fundamental of performance. If one of the members of the band plays louder than everyone else,…

  • Inspiration


    I choose to hang with folks who are smarter, more talented and more driven than myself. Daily, I take time to read and garner other peoples ideas, checking to see if their concepts and practices are adaptable to my circumstance. I think I have applied maybe 1 out of 1000 suggestions. You might think it…