Art As A Process

Life brings enormous challenges, some which might represent the distance between how things are and how we would like them to be.

By implementing process I have learned to attain my goals. Putting aside distractions allows follow through.

I work to accomplish daily objectives. We can take measures that help develop our attributes and capacities, reaching desired results. If you are like me, that outcome is a sustained relationship with music and creativity. These are underlying reasons for writing this blog.

Part of the journey is learning to understand previous struggles and how that reveals who I am today. There are many things which have shaped me personally and musically.

Building Blocks And Art As A Process

A) Fear: Fear of missing out. Sometimes feeling like an imposter. Lack of respect from peers.

B) Confidence building: Increasing aptitude in technical skill. Recognition from artists I respect. Associating with a greater diversity of accomplished musicians.

C) Failed relationships: This is super important. Persons who have burned bridges, bridges I have burned. People who have stolen from me. People who have passed judgment on me. You don’t know who your friends are till the rubber meets the road.

D) Willfulness: Projecting my desire and vision on others. Lack of balance. Not considering the circumstances of others.

E) Goals: Completing projects. Putting together a great mix. Meeting deadlines.

F) Fusion: Taking old ideas and allowing them to intermingle, procreating new purpose.

G) Questions: The deeper I get into a project, the more inquiries arise. By asking the right questions the right answers show up.

These and plethora of other experiences have shaped and motivated me personally and musically.

Moving Forward And Art As A process

Action. You can put together a sequence of steps. Modify your current tasks. Focus your concentration and energy on activities which will improve technical skills.

I have discovered dissatisfaction is the first step of the creative process. To be able to participate in art, execution is the primary requisite. No execution, no art.

Rarely do I remain satisfied with my present abilities. I have desired outcomes that are never ending. My personal compulsion expects results. Only through achieving results can I fix a line of sight a towards desired outcomes.

William Kenower, in his book, Fearless Writing, copyright © 2017, addresses process in Chapter 15, Fear of Failure, or You Never Stop Learning –

“All the business of being an author, from writing book proposals to taking classes to attending conferences to signing books to talking to my agent or editor, takes place when I am not writing. The kind of attention I bring to these tasks affects the immediate trajectory of what I think of as my career.”

I recommend this book. Bill is a successful author, mentor, public speaker and podcaster. Fearless Writing’s concepts are universal and apply to any art form.

The Consequences Of Art As A Process

For me, collaboration with others is a huge foundation, an absolutely integral part of my inventiveness.
Working with others who are more competent in areas where I am lacking brings tremendous growth.

Some of the results of these practices? A greater sense of well being and a much gentler interpretation of the world around me. Mastering control of my circumstances and more day to day discovery. Friendships, collaborations, connections, self expression, none of these being the end result but all part of the journey.

When I’m in control of my time, there are far fewer distractions. By giving it my best I increase my gratification. All of this comes with inevitable challenges. The outcome of my processes heightens future potential. Belief in self increases. Self alignment comes in to focus. The incentive to forge ahead multiplies, rewarded with heightened performance, efficiency and execution.

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