I think most all of us consider ourselves decent by nature. If we are suffering, it is only natural to seek a reason for that experience. Victor Frankl addresses this in his book “Man’s Search For Meaning”. How do we connect to our environment? Why do circumstances happen the way they do? What is the best way to live? I believe these questions are the basic foundations of why we seek spiritual answers.

As personal as spirituality can be there are immense disparities in belief systems. Be that as it may, matters of the spirit seem to have a huge impact on an individuals perspective and can be a huge factor in self motivation. Putting my personal beliefs aside, I want the reader to understand how this part of our conscience is integral to our nature. Creative process may even defined by our cultures expectations, often a foundation of sacred reliance.


It is up to each one of us to define what boundaries are part of our belief systems. I have found that it is okay that others do not believe the same way I do. Also, there is something to learn from another person’s spiritual perspective. Maybe I’m missing a point that another grasps.

Often, spirituality does not have to be religious in nature. Not all believe in God but I firmly believe everyone has faith of some sort. Even Atheism is a faith system.

I have encountered folks whose religious acumen is diametrically opposed to mine and yet a decent human spirit prevails.

Doesn’t a search for spiritual connection boil down to a desire of recognizing and understanding the world around us? We are forced to acknowledge there are larger things than ourselves. We have a propensity towards self centered behavior and its results.

The question: is there significance other than life’s daily grind?

The search

Seeking meaning in life can be associated with the spiritual. Similarly, if a person has concern over the meaning of their life, that would lend itself towards existentialism. To break it down – our desire is to seek peace and balance to our existence; two means to an end.

Purpose and meaning lead me on a path to the sacred and significant. I want to be connected to the moment, especially in performance and in the studio. So much of that experience expresses me to myself. At other times I am connected to the divine.


I love to oversimplify things, it appeals to my desire to understand the complexity of life.

There are only two forces in creativity: the things we draw near to and the things we push away from. Of course there are compromises between the two. Like I said, the less complex something is, the easier to understand.

A painter, a photographer or someone who shoots video looks for contrast in light and darkness. Musicians and audio producers look for contrast in sound and silence. Bela Bartok states, “In art there are only fast and slow developments. Essentially it is a matter of evolution, not revolution.” Debussy said, “Music is the silence between the notes.”

Light and shadow, fear and love, sound and silence, these concepts shape who we are as human beings and as artists. We seek our purpose and want to know our destination. Enter spirituality, which seeks the same things.

Truly amazing it is, how various the belief systems. Music, as well, can be derived in multiple and immeasurable interpretations.

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