Meet Your Attributes And The Real You

Meet your attributes and the real you. Do you know what your attributes are? Have you confronted who you are and what you strive to be?

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What Are Attributes?

Attributes are fundamental in describing objects or individuals, encapsulating their distinctive characteristics. In computer programming, various elements, entities, fields, and files possess specific traits represented by meticulously defined lines of code.

Drawing a parallel, the human brain shares similarities with a computer, allowing us to discern and delineate objective qualities that constitute our inherent composition.

What Attributes Do You Already Have?

Attributes are not mere descriptors; they are the vibrant hues that paint the canvas of our existence.

But let us delve deeper, exploring the raw essence of our humanity. Pause for a moment and reflect upon the marvels that grace our lives. We possess opposable thumbs, joining the ranks of chameleons, select frogs, and primates. It is a humble connection, grounding us in the intricate web of life.

Consider our mastery of tools, surpassing the basic implements of our simian relatives. No longer tethered to mere twigs, we wield advanced instruments that amplify our potential and unlock the doors of possibility. Let the weight of this realization stir a profound sense of awe within your core.

Our Intellect

And what of our intellect? Our minds, intricate labyrinths of thought and creativity, harbor an extraordinary depth. Though hidden at times, the flame of advanced intelligence flickers within us, casting brilliant illumination upon our aspirations and endeavors.

We are not solitary beings; our lives intertwine with a vibrant tapestry of social connections. We find solace, inspiration, and companionship within the embrace of family, colleagues, and kindred spirits. Our interactions transcend the mundane, infusing existence with purpose, warmth, and the power of shared experiences.


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Language, the eloquent dance of expression, sets us apart. Through words, we breathe life into our thoughts, expressing our emotions, dreams, and aspirations. Unlike our feline companions, who convey their desires through subtle gestures, we possess the remarkable gift of articulate communication, forging connections that transcend the boundaries of silence.

Yet, the pinnacle of our existence lies in our extraordinary power to shape the world around us. While animals adapt to their environments, we possess the rare ability to mold and transform our surroundings. It is a humbling responsibility and a boundless opportunity, carrying the potential for profound impact within it.

These attributes, these fragments of our human tapestry, stir the depths of our souls. They ignite a passion that transcends logic, infusing our endeavors with purpose and driving us to push beyond the limits of what we thought possible.

So let us esteem these attributes, celebrating their presence within us. Let us embrace the wonder, the depth, and the sheer beauty of our human essence. With hearts ablaze and spirits untamed, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, unlocking the vast reservoirs of our potential and shaping a future that resonates with our essence.

The Questions

Persistence and consistency are foundational pillars for nurturing and shaping our attributes into formidable forces.

Take a moment to reflect on your journey. What are you genuinely skilled at? Did these aptitudes magically manifest overnight? It’s unlikely. You have invested considerable time and effort into honing your abilities through years of deliberate practice or an intense period of focused dedication.

Consider the weight of your educational pursuits. The countless hours you have poured into acquiring knowledge and developing expertise. How do you feel about your abilities in light of this investment? Do you derive joy from the fruits of your labor? Has confidence taken root within you? And as you complete your projects, does a sense of fulfillment wash over you? These emotions and feelings are integral to nurturing and building upon your attributes.

The Spokes Of A Wheel

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Like the intricate spokes of a wheel, who you are and what you do is a complex interplay of attributes that shape your journey. Just as a bicycle tire relies on multiple spokes for resilience, our lives encompass many roles and endeavors, regardless of our circumstances.

Attributes are the guiding traits that inform our immersion in the world, influencing our interpretations and reactions. They act as the code that defines our programming, but unlike fixed algorithms, we can reprogram our attributes, modifying the fabric of our internal circuitry.

These attributes profoundly impact our daily performance, shaping our actions, decisions, and outcomes. They are the key to unlocking our true potential, propelling us towards excellence, or hindering our progress.


Focus on what you can do, not what you believe you cannot. Embrace the mindset of possibility, knowing there is always a way to learn and adapt, even in the face of unfamiliarity. Physical and genetic limitations aside, we can explore new territories and push the boundaries of our capabilities.

Strive for cohesion within yourself, embracing and understanding your unique abilities. By harnessing your attributes effectively, you unleash the potential to perform at the highest levels, transcending perceived limitations and achieving remarkable feats.

Consider the stories within your own life, those remarkable moments culminating with the realization, “I didn’t know I had it in me.” These instances often indicate dormant attributes rising to the surface, unveiling untapped reservoirs of strength and resilience.

Embrace the journey of unlocking your attributes, nurturing them with intention and purpose. Explore the uncharted territories within yourself. By harnessing your attributes lies a wellspring of belief in your unbounded potential.

Seek Knowledge

Pursuing knowledge becomes paramount in the quest to amplify your attributes. In the vast expanse of the Western world, knowledge knows no bounds. It is the cornerstone that underpins our daily activities, equipping us to navigate life’s challenges.

If effectiveness is your aim, if you strive to steer your professional and personal life with purpose, acquiring wisdom and understanding becomes indispensable. These qualities empower you with heightened productivity and efficiency, propelling you toward your goals.

There is an inexhaustible abundance of possibilities in the realm of ideas, discoveries, and inventions. The opportunity to create new ideas to breathe life into fresh concepts serves as a beacon of boundless optimism. The expansive realm of ideas far surpasses the limited confines of the physical world.

It is a common tendency for individuals to halt their pursuit of knowledge once they have attained their educational degrees. Yet, those who continually embrace the path of learning and eagerly explore new frontiers are the ones who excel and achieve greater heights. Each new skill acquired, each nugget of knowledge unearthed, becomes a potential attribute that enhances your unique persona.

Our Foundation

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Your passion for art, music, and the creative process becomes the foundation for building your attributes. As you immerse yourself in your chosen domain, collaborating with fellow artists, the building blocks of your identity take shape. Through these shared experiences and the constant exploration of your craft, you forge a distinctive persona enriched by the interplay of your abilities.

So, let the pursuit of knowledge be your guiding star. Embrace the limitless possibilities that await you in the vast expanse of wisdom. Through continuous learning and cultivating passion, you transform yourself into a vessel of potential. You are limited only by what you believe. Shaping a unique tapestry of attributes is what you apart on your remarkable journey.

How About Integrity?

In a world where honor and integrity appear distant from the moral compass of today, it is worth reflecting on the concerns expressed by Emerson. Honor, a revered virtue, stands accountable to itself, serving as the bedrock of integrity—an enduring state of unimpeachable purity.

Navigating the line between legality and maintaining integrity has become the standard practice. Witnessing the gray areas, even in matters as mundane as tax write-offs, is disheartening. How often do our tax declarations teeter on the edge of wishy-washy legitimacy?

Over thousands of years, human civilization has built strong disincentives against dishonesty. Cultures and religions have placed significant importance on the values of honor and integrity, recognizing that dishonorable behavior disgraces clans and families. However, here we stand in the twenty-first century, where it becomes painfully apparent that deceit and deception permeate our society.

Lack Of Integrity And Its Rewards

In today’s world, liars and cheats are often rewarded with an advantage. They cunningly manipulate situations to serve their interests. Unfortunately, a person willing to behave dishonorably can gain the upper hand over others. The lack of integrity becomes their driving force, whether making empty business promises, exploiting employees, or engaging in fraudulent practices.

Landlords increase leases without fulfilling their responsibility to maintain properties adequately. Employers take advantage of their workforce, resorting to deceitful tactics. Employees succumb to the temptation of stealing from their workplace. Hospitals cover up mistakes by labeling them as “complications.” We are all too familiar with the allure of clickbait. And let us not delve into the realm of politics, where concerns about integrity are standard operating procedure.

These concerns may feel disheartening, but they are not novel. They have plagued societies across time, echoing the eternal struggle between honor and deception. Yet, even in the face of prevailing dishonesty, there remains a glimmer of hope. Positive change can take root through individuals who uphold the values of honor and integrity and refuse to compromise their moral compass.

For us artists, our moral compass, honor, and integrity is being authentic.

Does This Story Sound Familiar?

Sarah’s life pulses with an insatiable hunger to seize her creative ambitions. With a fierce sense of discipline, talent, fortitude, and intelligence, she possesses the essence needed to chase her dreams. However, her path is strewn with obstacles as she struggles to balance the demands of daily life with her creative pursuits.

Every day, Sarah stands at the crossroads of her aspirations, much like one of the worker immigrants in the parking lot of Home Depot. There is an overabundance of competitors hustling for the same job for the same low wage. Sarah awaits her chance to break through the barriers holding her back. The frustration of being overlooked and undervalued lingers, but she refuses to surrender to its grip.

Sometimes Sarah rises from her slumber before the sun rises, stealing precious moments from the day to dedicate to her personal projects. In the hushed early morning embrace, she immerses herself in her craft, hungry for knowledge and inspiration that fuels her creative fire. Books become her sustenance, workshops her guiding light, and mentorship her compass.

And sometimes, she is too exhausted from her job to sustain intense commitment.

Sarah And Her Attributes

Sarah understands that the tapestry of her creativity is woven from many attributes. She knows that seeking knowledge acts as a vital foundation. Each resource she embraces, be it a book, a podcast, or a conversation with a mentor, breathes life into her skills, broadening her horizons with every step.

Yet, the journey she embarks on is not a smooth sail. The relentless demands of her job loom, poised to consume every ounce of her time and energy, casting shadows of exhaustion over her dreams. Moments of doubt creep in, like unwelcome guests, questioning her worth and resilience. The absence of recognition for her tireless efforts threatens to drag her down and undermine her self-confidence.

Still, Sarah is a warrior of resilience; what choice does she have? She refuses to let setbacks script her fate. In her darkest hours, she finds solace within her support network. Mentors become beacons of guidance, their words kindling a fire within her. Family stands as pillars of unwavering love and belief, reminding her of the boundless strength in her veins.

Through it all, unwavering integrity is her anchor. She knows that her authenticity is the essence of her artistic expression. Her work carries the weight of her dedication and values, resonating deeply with those who witness it.

With each milestone reached, new aspirations emerge, pushing her further into uncharted territories. She evolves, continuously seeking knowledge, embracing the unexpected, and daring to dream bigger.

Did This Remind You Of Yourself?

Photograph Compliments of AbsolutVision

People with aspirations deeply empathize with Sarah’s journey. They understand her burning desire to pursue her passions and the obstacles she faces. They’ve felt the frustration of being overlooked and undervalued, questioning their worthiness.

Just like Sarah, they’ve grappled with balancing their dreams and the demands of daily life. They know the exhaustion, doubts, and lack of recognition that can weigh them down. But they also find solace in the support of mentors and loved ones.

Sarah’s unwavering integrity resonates with aspiring individuals. They see themselves in her commitment to authenticity and understand the weight carried by dedication to their craft.

Witnessing Sarah’s journey inspires and motivates them to fuel their pursuits. They find a sense of camaraderie, knowing they’re not alone in their struggles. They draw strength from her resilience and embrace the pursuit of knowledge, the unexpected, and daring to dream bigger.
In connecting with Sarah’s story, individuals with aspirations find the courage to persevere on their paths. These shared emotions, and the reminder that they are not alone in their quest drive them forward.

Wading Into The Mire

In this world of heavy-weight competition, Impostor Syndrome infiltrates the mind, breeding self-doubt and a sense of unworthiness. Anxiety and occasional depression often accompany these feelings. Remarkably, even the most accomplished individuals have battled this internal struggle. The fear of judgment and the weight of others’ opinions can paralyze our actions.

But here’s the revelation: we are not alone. Impostor Syndrome transcends fame and recognition, affecting people from all walks of life. Some have harnessed these feelings to fuel their ambitions, transforming self-doubt into motivation. It serves as a reminder that our inner battles can catalyze personal growth.


Believing in ourselves is a mighty source of empowerment. Our worth is not contingent upon others’ opinions but rather stems from our inherent value. Diligence, perseverance, and self-belief become guiding forces in navigating the competitive landscape. We forge a path toward self-acceptance by embracing our unique attributes and recognizing our strengths and accomplishments.

If you feel trapped in the clutches of self-doubt, remember you are not alone in this struggle. Embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth. Prioritize your unwavering belief in your abilities. Rise above the shadows of uncertainty and step boldly into the light of self-assurance. Through diligence, perseverance, and self-belief, you can transcend your self-doubts and carve out a place that is undeniably yours amidst the sea of competition.

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