Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

The Greeks considered the Muses, the daughters of Zeus, goddesses of creativity. They were the source of inspiration for multiple artistic undertakings.

Is inspiration of divine nature, of mystical origin?

I have learned that creating motion, capturing and utilizing process can enhance creativity. Creative inventiveness can be sourced from ideas which may have come about spontaneously or through actual process.

I have heard it said today’s culture seems hung-up on weighing the scales on skilled aptitude. I argue that the present state of pop music lends itself to the droll and the uninspired. Are we ignoring the character of inspiration by utilizing a cut and paste mentality? I know I’m guilty.


What are the attributes that inspire people to enhance their god given and/or desired talents. The Inspired persons I associate with share foundational characteristics. They are trustworthy, brave, and empathetic. They also share love and appreciation.

Being highly paid, having an esteemed reputation and a secure livelihood cannot turn a boring life into an interesting one. I see it all around me. I know people in my sphere of life who have no goals or aspirations. They have no sense of fulfillment.

I’m like the kid in that movie who sees dead people. Not actually dead, but metaphorically so. It will make no difference If a person’s circumstances are uninspiring, no matter how much status, money or certainty they have.

Owning the burning desire of aspiration can be just as fulfilling as actual achievement.

Inspiration is part of awakening to a new idea and experience. There might be something better, having a greater paramount. This can affect progress towards a person’s goals and dreams. There is a belief that hard work is more important than inspiration. Not necessarily so. Sometimes the Muses hit you with tremendous blasts of imagination.

Inspiration can be the source of creativity, progress and insight, having a positive affect on someone’s well being.


Being inspired is how I understand myself and my life. There is an entire universe within us waiting to be discovered. Potentially, everyone we interact with can inspire us. They can help us to develop and improve—if only our minds and hearts remain malleable.

Inspiration can occur when I remember something from the past or something I have seen. Shaping those thoughts brings focus on its content.

This is just me, but classical music helps me to concentrate in writing and reading. I don’t think it makes me more intelligent but it certainly helps to filter the clutter of ideas from clogging my brain. Classical music helps me to keep my thought process compartmentalized.

Research is critical. Another person’s idea or concept can light a flame of ingenuity. I forget who said, “Stealing someone else’s work is theft, but stealing from everybody is called research,” or something to that end. Inspiration it is.

I have had experiences on stage and in the studio where I have gone beyond my perceived limitations. This has happened many times in bands I have played in, where improvisation is a foundation to the groups purpose. Many times clarity and awareness of new possibilities, fleeting as the moment could be, would rise.

It is important not to forget the inspiration garnered by watching others preform. If it is not experienced how can I draw it out of the well.


I have seen friends, many times, go above and beyond the performance. When asked to repeat that moment, it is beyond present circumstance. Time and place are different, as well as the moment’s passion. Pretty heavy stuff when one thinks about it.

When is enough, enough? All you can give is all can give. Enough is when you give it everything. As a writer and performer, enthusiasm, listening and engagement is the cornerstone. Above all, I want to be curious; curiosity is the path to new discovery. Discovery leads to excitement.

Then there is just flat out having the desire to achieve something important. I think of the time and places I attempted to convey and pass on ideas to others, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. Attempts can seem forced, especially when trying to manifest super intimate concepts and ideas to others.

All of this revolves around trying to bring inspired ideas into reality. There can be an amazing amount of steps. Anyone who has been involved in creating an album project will attest to that. The process takes hour upon hour, day after day, week after week. Add to that the limitations of life and its responsibilities, which can slow everything down.

A lot of this revolves around just trying to get to the next place. It can be completely experiential. Songs I have carved together seem to have that creative spark in that individual moment, but the question is – does it have potential to stay fresh over the long term. A few, yes, but the rest is just so much drivel.

What I Expect From Inspiration

Mastery, oh Lord, it is allusive.

Motivation, reaching in to the depths of my being to attain consistency and persistency.

Openness to new experiences, allowing someone else to share something new with me.

Self esteem, garnered from growing in competence.

Optimism, which facilitates enthusiasm and excitement.

Absorption, which helps my preparation for the tasks at hand.

Excitement, yet accepting of my present circumstances, as frustrating as that is.

Personal meaning, understanding why I do the things I do.

It’s all personal and we make our own decisions on how we proceed down this path.

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