Dreams Of Flying

Dreams of flying have deep roots in the human psyche. As long as we have existed, one of humankind’s greatest desires has included visions of flight. Beyond count are the legends and stories that depict gods and heroes flying.

Have you ever had dreams of flying or of floating? I have.

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I have had some pretty bizarre dreams in my day. Some of those qualify for classic Freudian Erotic Dream Interpretations. I’m not going to delve into those; a little too heavy for this blog.

A Few Thoughts On Dreams Of Flying

The people of ancient civilizations believed that flight was an ability reserved only for the gods. For a person to desire wings meant they wanted to be closer to the divine. It seems like nothing much has changed – arrogance abounds.

Kay Kavus, King of Persia, had a flying throne powered by specially trained eagles. He also reigned Persia for a hundred and fifty years. What a guy.

The Chinese Emperor, Di Shun, would fly over his kingdom using conical hats.

Of course, Icarus fell to his death because he flew too close to the sun. When your wings are wax and eagles feathers, they might be a little too delicate for heat exposure.

Let’s not forget about Leonardo Davinci and his study of birds. He also designed a helicopter-like contraption.

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What Is A Dreamer

Some folks would judge a dreamer to be someone who lives in a world of fantasy or imagination. Parts of my life qualify that definition.

A dreamer can also be a visionary. Visionaries are people who have ideas or have created projects that seem impractical.

How about being a regular kind of dreamer? Someone who dreams? I dream every night.

When I dream, I dream in color; I smell, taste and feel. There are those whose dreams are in black-and-white. Supposedly, that represents detachment from the dream. My nightly visions are far too personal to have monochromatic encounters. 

Also, people who have dreams in black-and-white may not have control of their life situations. In the past, I have certainly felt that way.

Here is a thought – before the invention of photography, how would a person know how to dream in black-and-white? That’s a head-scratcher.

Dreams Of Flying

The dreams I remember the most are dreams of flying. What are flying dreams, and how are those interpreted?

Attempting To fly

Dreams of flying are the most vivid memories of my dream life.

My first attempts at flying happened in grade school. Those visions seemed real. So much so, even to this day, I can still feel the sensations.

One of my biggest challenges in grade school was my lack of coordination. I was usually the last choice in team selections in gym class competitions.

These dreams manifested because I wanted to excel. My lack of physical ability was a personal thorn in the side. My athletic endeavors almost always led to humiliation. I suppose these obstructions in life created a desire for flying.

I remember staring at the rope climb, knowing I wouldn’t be able to climb up. If only I could flap those arms and power myself to the ceiling, then there would be no need to clamber up the rope. I failed because there was no hope driving me.

Hope is key.

That’s the thing about my dreams of flying – I wanted to be free from the obstacles of stunted athleticism. I desired freedom from my limitations; mentally too young and lazy to understand the power of discipline. There had to be hope and freedom from the constant disgrace of not measuring up to what everyone else could do. Every gym class was a daily reminder of my lack of ability.

First Flight

There I am, standing at the bottom of the rope, watching one of my classmates scale it to the top. The urge to outdo my fellow students overcomes me. I stood at the bottom of the rope and began to flap my arms. Surprisingly, I begin to rise. But my flight wasn’t very high; I could only rise above their heads. Yet I could do something they could not: I could fly.

Now I was able to rise above my adversity. The feeling was so real. Even in my waking hours, I can still feel the sensation of rising above my fellow students. I couldn’t navigate my way yet, but at least I had power that no one else possessed.

In retrospect, there was a growing command of skill. I had confidence and capacity in my newfound ability.

The older I grew, the more confidence I would gain. I was able to develop my expertise to the point where I could navigate around the heads of other students. Flapping my arms allowed me to rise, and then I could levitate above them for a small amount of time. At the end of the dream, the ability would leave me, and then I would touch down. 

Yet, not all my dreams of flying were successful, especially in my grade school years. Occasionally, in my flights of fancy, I would fall. Dreams of falling in flight are supposed to represent bad luck and failure.

Whenever I would plummet in flight, the falls were always gentle. Fortunately, there was never a time when I would come crashing down.

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Growing In Strength

Thirteen years old is when drums and hormones show up in my life.

In middle school, my dreams of flight continued. To me, it’s fascinating – my dreams always occurred in gym class. Physical Education and athletics were always my biggest challenges. My prowess became more adept. I could fly around the gymnasium with fluidity, up to the ceiling and around. The thing is – no one would pay attention. It was something that I did; no one cared.

And sometimes, I wasn’t able to fly.

I never flew like Peter pan, arms extended, covered in cobwebs and bird feathers. I always flew in a supine position. You know, feet first, having to bend my neck to see where I was going. I wonder what a psychologist has to say about that. I still had to flap my arms to rise, but once I was in position, I would zip around, feet first.

Middle school was a breeze. I did well academically and cemented my intellectual capacity.

But then came…

High School

In my High School years, those dreams of flying exploded.

High school was rough. On my first day, I had to roll a filbert down the hall with my nose. In P.E., upper-class students intentionally hurt me because of my lack of ability. Most of my curriculum was boring. All of it was a repetition of what I had learned in middle school. The girls paid me no attention, which confused me because I gave a lot of attention to them. Still do.

By my second year of High School, I begged my parents to get a GED and leave. I felt I was ready for college and would have bailed in New York Minute had they let me.

But my flying powers increased. I now could assume my flying position without flapping my arms. I never again fell in flight. Touch down was always a gentle affair, landing feet first and recovering from my momentum with ease. Now I could negotiate the entire school in a supine position, flying the hallways. I could traverse classroom-to-classroom, in command of my direction.

None of my fellow students ever took notice. Interesting.

My dreams of flying took place at school, in gym class, nowhere else.

Enter The Altered State

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At this point in my story, I need to thank my pals. Weed became my friend; alcohol was fun, drugs were an adventure.

I’m not sure drugs expand your mind. I suppose certain types of narcotics can lead to altered vision. The substance abuse I have witnessed in the inner city lends me to consider their use a trap.

It is more than likely that coincidence is the author of my personal experiences.

My greatest accomplishment in dreams of flying happened during my senior year in high school. It happened towards the end of the school year. As usual, it was at a High School P.E. class. We were running track and field, and, as usual, I was far behind the lead runners. I decided I had had enough.

It was time to fly. I rose above the track, higher and higher, soaring to a place hundreds of feet above the campus. I looked down and watched my classmates circling the field. Satisfaction flooded over me, overcome by the joy of having this gift no one else possessed.

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Concluding Dreams Of Flying

What happened after high school? Nothing. I never had dreams of flying ever again. Never in college, on the road, or anytime since. Those dreams no longer occur; they haven’t for decades. But those visions of power were incredibly impactful. I have never forgotten them.

There isn’t any need for them. Now, when I pick up my drum sticks, when I’m writing, working on videos, or composing music, that’s when I’m flying. All the shortcomings I had in my school years no longer exist. I’ve replaced them with other imperfections.

The only way I can explain the purpose of these flying and floating dreams is that I live in two worlds.

We all live in a world of appearances, which is the obvious interpretation of the things around us.

Then there is the hidden world. The invisible world is how things work. I’m talking about society, our motivations, our relationships, and the reasons for living. I do not understand it all.

There are always going to be challenges and roadblocks. I have one major obstacle remaining – dependence on an employer.

I’m hoping to fly my way out of this one.

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  1. Brian, it’s good to see posts again and I like the subtle redesign! As you know, I always feel like I’m flying (figuratively and the natural way) but of late I always felt I was in the boring phase of flight…cruising. The excitement is when you’re in takeoff or landing, but most of all when you feel a little turbulence…it makes you feel alive, but at some point you need to land the plane.

    Of late, everyone of us has been dealing with turbulence outside and probably a bit inside of our personal ecological systems, and I know I have for sure! Fortunately we have friends (like you!) and family to remind us that we’re not alone in this journey! Love this post!

    Have a prosperous 2022! See you soon!


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