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  • Musical Scales: Why We Love The Lizard Brain

    Musical Scales: Why We Love The Lizard Brain

    Have you ever wondered why you compulsively bought that 7th guitar or went all out on that high note? Blame it on this ancient little corner of our brain, serving up those wild moments on a melodious platter. Let’s rock and roll into this captivating, quirky concept and discover the Lizard Brain and its connection…

  • A Call To Action

    A Call To Action

    It is important that you and I reach our full potential. Why? Because you and I matter, and what we do matters. It is the way we think, act and the path of our lives. I want to live to my fullest potential. How about you? A Philosopher Speaks Out How about this guy? Johann…

  • Bridges Burned

    Bridges Burned

    A Mackncheeze Music Video Bridges Burned Can we help you? Thank you for following. Please leave a comment or suggestion; we love to hear input from everyone. Check out our You Tube Channel – Bryan at Mackncheeze. Follow us and never miss another Mackncheeze Music post.

  • If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

    If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

    I have recently encountered circumstances which have put limitations on time. Time constraints – the worse, Man. My productivity has fallen and the thought crushes me. The results are showing up. What was once expanding and growing is now stagnant. It’s not that I’m not doing what I need to do, it’s that I don’t…

  • The Stories We Tell Ourselves

    The Stories We Tell Ourselves

    What is your story? How is your self-talk effecting your mindset? How is it carrying over into your personal life?

  • Mackncheeze Music Recipe: Chicken Thighs Ala Brion

    Mackncheeze Music Recipe: Chicken Thighs Ala Brion

    The magic part of the chicken thighs is the fat content. Thighs are so easy to cook; just a little seasoning, let them slowly render, and, BAMM!!! Delicious, juicy cluck.  Marinade I like to plan my meals ahead of time. I’m starting with twelve medium-sized chicken thighs. I have a big Tupperware-like container made by Rubbermaid. Line…

  • It’s Very Personal

    It’s Very Personal

    Passion There is a burning fire, a flame that is unquenchable. The heat from the blaze pushes me to dig deeper, work harder and yearn for more. My biggest desire is to be able look back on the end of day and say, “I’m one step closer.” I want to feel good about what the…

  • Think Again

    Think Again

    Photograph Compliments Of Lucie Hosova Do I need to think again? I am constantly calling myself into question. Here are the things I must consider:Am I on the right path?Is my work meaningful, and does it matter? Think Again With Humbleness It is part of human nature to overestimate ourselves, especially when there isn’t adequate…

  • Truth Is Simple?

    Truth Is Simple?

    Who and what To trust And The Simple Truth I know I can trust my cat. He knows exactly what he wants, when he wants it, and has no problem letting me know. I appreciate his forthrightness even though I’m often unable to figure out his motives. I can definitely depend on him and his…

  • Influences and Mentorship

    Influences and Mentorship

    A mentor is someone who instills a success oriented mentality in somebody else. Steve Jobs was Mark Zuckerberg’s mentor. Oprah Winfrey’s – poet and author, Maya Angelou. Woody Guthrie mentored Bob Dylan. American actress, dancer and singer, Chita Rivera was mentored by her former teacher, Doris Jones.  And the list goes on The concept of…

  • Mackncheeze Music Chicken Recipe

    Mackncheeze Music Chicken Recipe

    Poulet du Collins Low and slow, that’s my secret. Gourmet is always best. I hate Bad Food. When I cook, I need the ability to walk away and focus on something else. Writing, or practicing, or recording, all super important. Lack of time is a huge consideration. Life and creativity are pushing and pulling; the…

  • Art As A Process

    Art As A Process

    Life brings enormous challenges, some which might represent the distance between how things are and how we would like them to be. By implementing process I have learned to attain my goals. Putting aside distractions allows follow through. I work to accomplish daily objectives. We can take measures that help develop our attributes and capacities,…

  • Happiness


    What Is Your Source of Joy? When your head is cast in bronze, is that when you will finally be happy? There is a difference between happiness and contentedness. Happy is a feeling, or a showing of pleasure, or of contentment. Contentment is a state of happiness and/or satisfaction. You don’t need to have the…

  • Love and Relationships

    Love and Relationships

    We all know what love is. I won’t even pretend to know what is right for another person. I’m not even sure that the general rules of romantic relationships actually work for everyone. Each dynamic has its own set of particulars which may not even apply to another persons circumstance. Foundations Both love and relationships…

  • The Right Questions

    The Right Questions

    How Do I Know Who I Am? Are you searching for your identity? Curiosity is the key to understanding yourself. Asking questions leads to answers which in turn leads to more questions. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer, at least that’s the hope. The right questions lead to the right answers.…

  • Inspiration


    Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts The Greeks considered the Muses, the daughters of Zeus, goddesses of creativity. They were the source of inspiration for multiple artistic undertakings. Is inspiration of divine nature, of mystical origin? I have learned that creating motion, capturing and utilizing process can enhance creativity. Creative inventiveness can be sourced from ideas which…

  • Spirituality


    I think most all of us consider ourselves decent by nature. If we are suffering, it is only natural to seek a reason for that experience. Victor Frankl addresses this in his book “Man’s Search For Meaning”. How do we connect to our environment? Why do circumstances happen the way they do? What is the…

  • Gratitude


    I have spoken to many people who have great levels of success and one of the most predominate statements they make is of gratitude. They have appreciation for what they have, not necessarily dependent on monetary gain. Also, they speak of the path they have followed, the people in their lives and the circumstances they…

  • Challenges And Frustration

    Challenges And Frustration

    Frustration It’s part of the deal. Sometimes there is just nothing we can do about it.  Situations will arise which are completely beyond control. How we react to the challenge is what sets us apart. There are “tragedies” which happen everyday – I loose my wallet, misplace my keys, the cat refuses to come in,…

  • Mental Latency

    Mental Latency

    Often times I draw a blank while talking. The pause in thought process seems excruciating, including some mild embarrassment. This tendency is annoying. I am a highly intelligent human, or at least I would like to think so. My good friend Jerry explained this phenomenon. Short-Timers Short timers is a progressive mental state that blocks…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast #33

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast #33

    Featuring Chris Hogan Chris Hogan Shares His work In seattle Can we help you? Thank you for following. We appreciate comments and suggestions. You know where to find us.

  • Vision


    If there is no dream, how can there be a guide post?View post to subscribe to site newsletter.

  • Who Are The Experts?

    Who Are The Experts?

    Yeah, Sure, I’m an expert. Just ask me. Proof Of Expertise Correcting the mistakes others validates my self-belief. You know what I have found: it’s easy to be critical when someone is not around. An Analogy I have encountered major blunders when correcting the work of others. My favorite mistake is the over use of…

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 27

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 27

    Featuring Mickey LaRosa Film Curator, Writer, Former Film maker, Master of Arts, Editor in Chief MLR Movie and Live Music Reviews Mickey Shares his insights and Influences in the Film Industry Can we help you? Thank you for following. We appreciate comments and suggestions. You know where to find us.

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 26

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 26

    Featuring Dylan Hughes Bassist, Composer, Singer, Arranger, Engineer, Video Host Can we help you?

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 25

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 25

    Featuring William Kenower Author, Lecturer, Coach Can we help you?

  • Perspective


    What is an outlook? A life view point? What id your perspective? Is it a specific vantage toward or way of seeing things? Is it a capacity to interpret comparative importance of something or its true relation? An attitude toward or a way of regarding something? I truly believe we desire an understanding of what…