What is an outlook? A life view point? What id your perspective?

Is it a specific vantage toward or way of seeing things? Is it a capacity to interpret comparative importance of something or its true relation? An attitude toward or a way of regarding something?

I truly believe we desire an understanding of what occurs around us in past and present sense.

Understand The Differences

Looking up, down, behind and forward, I try not forget the most important perspective is this very moment, where my two feet are planted. But then there is the way we look at the world through our various viewpoints. Certainly, there is enormous variety in outlooks, but that is the beauty of human nature, in that there exists a cornucopia of interpretation and cognizance.

Why are these things important? I think that comes from our desire to understand what makes us who we are. For me, that’s a tough assignment. How much of my contentment and gratification is related to accomplishments of other individuals? We get an idea of what someone should be like, based on our interpretation of their circumstances, and then apply that value on to ourselves. Does this garner a positive understanding of why we are where we are?

This Could Be Better

It’s easy to complain. Moreover, Resisting the temptation requires discipline. We are human beings and that means we don’t like discomfort. What ever our roots, we carry our cares and influences with us. There are conflicts in our relative cultures and societal circumstance.

On the other hand, how much of our fulfillment and satisfaction is based on experience? I don’t know the context of your life, nor can I expect you to understand mine. I do know this: as we coalesce information we have gathered, our perspectives more than likely change.

Encounter Life

Perspective is a way for us to solve problems and resolve life’s conflicts. Things happen; many times out of our control. Being able to see situations through past experience can be a way to come to grips with our circumstance. Is it possible to allow things that may seem improbable to come in to a context of reality? It can be super difficult to imagine, but by changing our mindset we can stretch those limiting boundaries. It is literally about suspending disbelief and moving towards that which is seen in our minds eyes.

I obviously have my perspective.

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