What Is Your Source of Joy?

When your head is cast in bronze, is that when you will finally be happy?

There is a difference between happiness and contentedness. Happy is a feeling, or a showing of pleasure, or of contentment. Contentment is a state of happiness and/or satisfaction. You don’t need to have the emotion of happiness to feel content. There is a major difference.

A teacher once told me, be content in all things, he did not tell me to be happy in all things.

It is clear that children laugh far more frequently than adults. Where did all that joy go?

Society beats us down. The day to day grind takes it out of us. There are expectations to be fulfilled, bills to pay and responsibilities that require attendance. It’s no wonder people check out after a long day of work.

What Do the shrinks Think?

In psychology, there are two concepts of happiness: hedonic and eudaimonic.

Hedonic is hedonism, one of my favorite past times. But hedonism can lead to excess and dissipation, which is time consuming. The clock is ticking; overindulgence is not a priority.

Eudaimonic happiness is participating in experiences of meaning and purpose. This is where I spend the vast majority of my time. Productivity is key and attainment is a huge source of satisfaction.

Freud said pleasure is our defining drive

Regardless of their circumstances, people tend to revert to their general state of happiness.

My greatest source of happiness is gratitude; I find pleasure in it.

The word ‘gratitude’ comes from the Latin word gratus, meaning pleasing or thankful. Gratitude is a positive emotion, often enhancing appreciation. There are many things a person can be thankful for, which cultivates meaning and health. Gratitude and appreciation go hand in hand, but appreciation goes to a much deeper level. Higher aspects include contentedness, glee and exhilaration.

Gratitude shows that you do not take things for granted. It is a gift of enjoying and valuing what we have.

Expressing gratitude releases dopamine to our brains. I like dopamine, I thrive on it. That might explain my affinity for hedonism.

Cultivating a habit of gratefulness creates a connection between behavior and feeling good. My well being flourishes when my favorite neurotransmitter releases. Happiness ensues.

I am person who is grateful; the world does not owe me anything. My friends, likewise, have the same value. They are awesome companions, in that we share like mindedness in our goals and endeavors. Life is not a bowl of cherries; this core value helps propel us through difficulties and challenges.

Gratitude is a positive emotional reaction; the benefactor is me.
Gratitude fuels a constant state of wonder and appreciation for the gifts of this life.

What Am I Grateful for?

My family and friends sustain my emotional balance. Exchanging love with them helps me to better understand my place in this world. This positive emotion follows when another person has intentionally given, or attempted to give, something of value.


Enough said.

Creating Brings Me Joy

Recording, writing music, writing blogs, working on what ever book I am writing and rehearsals. These things bring me joy.

I have friends that I work with. We spend time together, recording, creating, bouncing ideas off one another. It is like being kids again, playing in the sand box, squealing and wallowing, pushing our Tonka Trucks around.

Production Equals Pleasure

Editing podcasts, video and recordings is incredibly satisfying. Learning and practicing, yeah, that does it too.


It’s pretty evident I ain’t missing many meals. I love sharing food and wine. More on that…

In Conclusion

Primarily, be concerned with your own happiness. How can you disseminate joy to others when you are lacking it yourself?

Stupid is as stupid does. Your happiness shouldn’t be limited by another persons stupidity, unless you choose to.

Is there any way we can help?


We appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks for reading. You know where to find us.

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