Mackncheeze Music Podcast 11

An Interview with Knuckles Front Man Dan Manier and Guitarist Sean Hudson

Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 12: with Todd Ainsworth cofounder of Seattle Country Band, Hartwood Bryan At Mackncheeze

Todd explains the why and process of writing comedy into his music. Hartwood's album 'Enumclaw', available on Amazon.
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My first real understanding of digital recording actually occurred when I purchased a Roland VS 1680.

I didn’t understand crap; having spent weeks in front of my old PC, scratching my head, staring at a Cakewalk Software program I had down loaded from CD-Rom. I would execute commands and sigh in disbelief as nothing would happen. I could not wrap my head around the technology.

I broke down and visited my good and trusted friends at Seattle’s American Music.

I explained my challenges and it was suggested to me to purchase a hard drive recorder; not necessarily for ease of use, but for it’s functionality. I was warned there would be a lot of squinting involved, but with persistence would come the reward of fathoming the recording process. No truer words spoken.

I applied myself and made innumerable horrible to mediocre tracks. Thank God for my mentors, who had had decades of recording experience. I asked questions, asked them to review and critique my work, took all their suggestions to heart. After a year and a half of of diligence, eating a lot of humble pie, I started to grasp concepts and applications needed to create some decent work.

Then on to Protools. Utilizing all the previous months education, with some help from tech support, I was up and running, relatively fluent in six weeks.

I held on to that VS 1680 for many, many years. It never failed, drove like a Mack Truck, and took huge abuse. It traveled well, recorded many rehearsals and did live shows, with amazing results. It is one piece of equipment I look back on with nostalgia.

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The Labor Is The Reward

Yeah, you got that right. It is the love of music which sustains me. The love of the people, the process and the execution. What God given talents I have been blessed with have only been the starting point; a flame that kindled. Continually feeding that fire is the process. More accomplishment, greater love, more desire for accomplishment; and the wheel turns.

What is wealth when all is said and done? What is accomplishment? That is for each one of us to decide.

I believe the money thing relates to our physical well being, with out it we don’t eat, Baby.

The accomplishment thing relates to my mental well being; when things aren’t in motion I start to vibrate.

Amen and Amen.

When I was seven I failed as a pianist. I now blame that on my instructor because kids need to be able to be kids, and he was a kid too. He was forced by his mother to teach me, and being seventeen, he had better things to do on Saturday mornings than teach the brat next door how to play piano. He hated teaching and I absorbed the hate.

I still fiddle with the piano.

Then at twelve my mates wanted to be drummers. Television taught me that girls really dig musicians. There you have it. Guilty of creating the affectations of my environment. The lessons began.

Let the humiliations continue.

By the way, the women did not care about me being a musician till I was in my twenties. Then they cared, greatly.

But that’s another story.

Till this day, all I want to be is better at my craft. The more accomplished I become, the more passion reigns in my heart. The more passion, the more desire for attainment. More turns of the wheel.

Keep on keepin’ on.

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