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  • The Art Of Self-Sabotage

    The Art Of Self-Sabotage

    The art of self-sabotage materializes when we act in counter-productive ways that interfere with achieving our goals. This can become a skill. Photograph Compliments of Noah Buscher Self-Sabotage Defined Self-sabotage is a pretty heavy subject. People can destroy themselves emotionally, physically, and mentally, undermining their goals and values with self-sabotage. Here’s the good news –…

  • What Is Imposter Syndrome?

    What Is Imposter Syndrome?

    So this morning, I’m listening to one of my favorite podcasts, and the podcast host starts talking about Imposter Syndrome. I’m, like, what is he talking about? I had never heard the term. I Had No Idea Evidently, Impostor Syndrome is a thought process where a person seconds guesses and may not even believe their abilities,…

  • Fat Fingers

    Fat Fingers

    Chubby digits, that’s what I got. What I mean is – I make a lot of mistakes. I blame my mistakes on my five thumbs which are attached to both of my hands. Generally, fat fingers applies to any editing program I might be working with: photo, video, audio, text… all of them. The wrong…