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  • What Are Your Options?

    What Are Your Options?

    There are always choices. Some of those choices may not seem too good, but they are always there. A close relative of mine has chosen to live on the streets. I wont even pretend to understand her decision.

  • If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

    If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

    I have recently encountered circumstances which have put limitations on time. Time constraints – the worse, Man. My productivity has fallen and the thought crushes me. The results are showing up. What was once expanding and growing is now stagnant. It’s not that I’m not doing what I need to do, it’s that I don’t…

  • Truth Is Simple?

    Truth Is Simple?

    Who and what To trust And The Simple Truth I know I can trust my cat. He knows exactly what he wants, when he wants it, and has no problem letting me know. I appreciate his forthrightness even though I’m often unable to figure out his motives. I can definitely depend on him and his…

  • Happiness


    What Is Your Source of Joy? When your head is cast in bronze, is that when you will finally be happy? There is a difference between happiness and contentedness. Happy is a feeling, or a showing of pleasure, or of contentment. Contentment is a state of happiness and/or satisfaction. You don’t need to have the…

  • The Right Questions

    The Right Questions

    How Do I Know Who I Am? Are you searching for your identity? Curiosity is the key to understanding yourself. Asking questions leads to answers which in turn leads to more questions. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer, at least that’s the hope. The right questions lead to the right answers.…

  • Gratitude


    I have spoken to many people who have great levels of success and one of the most predominate statements they make is of gratitude. They have appreciation for what they have, not necessarily dependent on monetary gain. Also, they speak of the path they have followed, the people in their lives and the circumstances they…

  • Balance


    I’ve heard of this concept called work/life balance. A friend of mine told me his employer taught the concept at an employee work shop. Turns out the job still required a maximum amount of commitment from the employees with little commitment from the employer. So much for balance, as long as the employer gets the…

  • Motivation


    Actually, that was my entire reason for getting involved in music, oh, and besides the fact that music constantly runs through my head. I think I was hoping for side benefits. Those benefits did materialize, whether that is a good thing was decided later. Defining success: confidence, proficiency, articulation, enjoyment. Those are underlying factors in…

  • My Cocoon

    As much as possible, I try super hard to shield myself from negativity. Well meaning friends and relatives, seeking sympathy or empathy for their less than positive situations, inadvertently drop their experiences into my refuse pile. Which brings me to Negativity Bias: negative situations have greater impact on one’s state of mind than a positive…

  • The Good Old Days

    Does any one remember rotary phones? My biggest challenge with those phones was lack of privacy. There was no solitude when conversing; who ever was in the kitchen or living room became an audience to conversations with girl friends. I hated that. I remember my first debit card. It felt like The Beast was taking…

  • When Bryan Was In Pharaoh’s Land

    When Bryan Was In Pharaoh’s Land

    The People Who Understand Me