Still True…And Don’t Forget the Vocalist

Actually, that was my entire reason for getting involved in music, oh, and besides the fact that music constantly runs through my head. I think I was hoping for side benefits. Those benefits did materialize, whether that is a good thing was decided later.

Defining success: confidence, proficiency, articulation, enjoyment. Those are underlying factors in the journey of motivation.

I have been on fire for music many times in my life. Usually, the passion for it rekindles after the dissolution of the last failed romantic relationship. It took long years to understand, for me, music and relationships do not intermix. As much commitment and effort that goes in to sustaining a successful relationship, there is always a part of my brain nagging me to not put down my passion. The two just never have mixed. Is it the music that is the adulterous, or the woman in my life?

Maybe I’m extremely selfish?

Throwing the amalgam of all my side projects into play, the goal is clear and succinct. I just want to record and play music. It is the engine that drives the machine.

Is there anyway we can help you?

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