Island Time

Have you ever lived on an Island? Is “Laid Back” a term you would use for island life? This mind set actually exists, having lived on an island and experiencing it myself. For many, regardless of ability, attainment, and professional accolades, this pattern is endemic. Why? I don’t get it. I can’t be late for […]

I Have A Dream

I once dreamt I was a chicken. I am not sure what the underlying psychology of chicken dreams means in relationship to reality; but there it is. Cocking my head and eyeing the gravel, looking for that kernel of corn. Thrusting my beak towards that tidbit of seed, grabbing it and swallowing it down my […]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I love to play music, I love to record, and, to the best of my abilities, I love to produce music. But what I also love is a super cool job, health insurance and stability. Call me double minded. I have been a Sommelier with a restaurant group for the last 29 years, the last […]


I have read the books.  I have stood in front of the mirror yelling at myself.  I have gone to the conferences.  I have read the blogs.  I have reaffirmed my affirmations.  Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. I have found out what habit is – its habit. The daily routine is what moves me forward.  No […]