Mackncheeze Music Podcast #33 with Chris Hogan

Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Audio Engineer, Recording Engineer, Song Writer

Artist interviews are the cornerstone of Mackncheeze Music.

A super comprehensive interview with Chris Hogan. We discuss musical history, the differences between Eastern and Western Tonality and Theory. Part of the conversation includes the differences between live streaming applications, live and studio audio reproduction and the myriad of projects in which Chris has been involved.

This podcast goes deep. Get Ready!!!

Thomas Price – Artist in the World of Wine – Mack-n-Cheeze Music Podcast # 37 Bryan At Mackncheeze

Mack-n-Cheeze Music Podcast #37 In 2012, Thomas shattered ceilings as he became not only the 190th American Master Sommelier but also the pioneering Black American to hold this esteemed certification. With a rich legacy spanning over 40 years in the food and wine sphere, Thomas's passion is a testament to the profound artistry and unwavering discipline that the wine industry demands.  Mack-n-Cheeze Music Mack-n-Cheeze Music Blog #mackncheeze #mackncheezemusic
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