Wolfgang As A Kid; A Child Prodigy

We are always going to run into someone who is a prodigy.

A Child Prodigy

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

So I’m hanging in the lobby waiting for my lesson, listening to what I perceive as a high school student laying down a super congruent groove. I’m saying to myself, ‘Man, I wish I could have played like that when I was 17’. This goes on for another 5 minutes till the groove stops. Super impressive. Wow!!!

My instructor comes out of the lesson room all smiles and excited. In tow ( my jaw hits the floor ) a three year old toddles out, hands clutching drum sticks, all smiles and excited.

Mozart Was A Smart Child Prodigy

My stomach churns and my spirit collapses. Bryan, what am I doing? Wasting time, fooling myself, pretending to be something I’m not? Those questions flooding my mind.

Hey, wait a second……I don’t care who you are, there is always someone out there who is a prodigy; someone more dialed in than yourself. Always! Deal with it, accept it, respond to it with gratefulness.

As for me, I’ll drink some more Kool-Aid.

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