So I’m hanging in the lobby waiting for my lesson, listening to what I perceive as a high school student laying down a super congruent groove. I’m saying to myself, ‘Man, I wish I could have played like that when I was 17’. This goes on for another 5 minutes till the groove stops. Super impressive. Wow!!!

My instructor comes out of the lesson room all smiles and excited. In tow ( my jaw hits the floor ) a three year old toddles out, hands clutching drum sticks, all smiles and excited.

My stomach churns and spirit collapses. Bryan, what am I doing? Wasting time, fooling myself, pretending to be something I’m not? Those questions flooding my mind.

Hey, wait a second……I don’t care who you are, there is always someone out there who is more dialed in than yourself. Always! Deal with it, accept it, respond to it with gratefulness.

As for me, I’ll drink some more Cool Aid.

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Breakfast of Champions

Rehearsal, 10 am. Hey I got time for breakfast. I’m heading over to the closest breakfast chain anticipating some great morning grub.

Man, I can taste those hash browns with my over easy eggs and some wheat toast with strawberry jelly. Lotsa coffee. I’m in Baby.

8:30 am, I’ve got plenty of time before we get serious. I put in my order. Wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. 9:15, and wait, I can’t get any coffee, and wait.

It figures. This chain, which has been around all of my life, keeps compromising on quality.  

Finally breakfast comes and the portions are skimpy. The check reflects a price that deserved more generosity.

My stomach turns to acid because the food is crap.  In my endeavors, if I deliver a compromised product I deserve the little return I receive.  

My stomach churned at rehearsal. Lesson learned.

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