Happy Holidays

Wishing all a great Holiday Season and a Big Shout Out for all Those Supporting Mackncheeze Music. Thank You!!!! What to Expect in the Coming Year. We are going to be focusing on creative folks of all types in a large variety of different endeavors; Photography, Filmography, Custom Instruments, Writers and, of course, Musicians. Super […]

Michael Clune and Moondance

Artist Focus https://www.facebook.com/Moondance-Van-Morrison-Tribute-1851895661575428 Mackncheeze: Who are you? Michael: I am my friendships and relationships. I am very blessed that my friendships are from all over the world. My glass of water, I can honestly say, is half full or close to full. I work hard to keep it that way. Its music, or what I […]

Practice Safe Sound

Yeah, Baby. I want to keep my hearing. Entropy has decided to work against me, so I fight back. Every practice session, every rehearsal; ear plugs. Reviewing tracks; I listen at extremely low volumes, often times in mono, mixing off my IPhone, mixing off head phones set across the room, referencing Blue Tooth speakers in […]

Hyberbole, Standard Operating Procedure

Aggrandize, to increase the power or reputation of something. For me, it implies some sort of exaggeration.  It is endemic in the world of music.  Please understand, I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to past pretence.   I see it in Facebook adds.  I see it in band names.  How […]


I have read the books.  I have stood in front of the mirror yelling at myself.  I have gone to the conferences.  I have read the blogs.  I have reaffirmed my affirmations.  Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. I have found out what habit is – its habit. The daily routine is what moves me forward.  No […]

Breakfast of Champions

Rehearsal, 10 am. Hey I got time for breakfast. I’m heading over to the closest breakfast chain anticipating some great morning grub. Man, I can taste those hash browns with my over easy eggs and some wheat toast with strawberry jelly. Lotsa coffee. I’m in Baby. 8:30 am, I’ve got plenty of time before we […]

It’s All About The Gravy

Things I’ve Learned From Otis Trust Your Friends Otis has good friends. Smokey comes to visit from down the street, leaping and bounding because he is so excited to see his buddy Otis. I have never seen two cats so comfortable with one another. Otis always remembers the humans he likes. As soon as my […]