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Why are we driven to do the things we do? I can only speak for myself.


I have to play music, record and associate with like minded people. There is no choice. How do I know? I have tried not to, and by the same token, have been left completely disenfranchised.

I wanted this at seven. As I grew older, the importance coalesced more and more into my thought process. I wanted to play music, be immersed with people who thought the same way, deep in those relationships.

I choose to do this yet it feels like it chose me.

Call it compulsion, if you will.


I love to, I love to, I love to. Sitting in front of the flat screen, editing away into the night, wood shedding hour after hour, playing out. Does it get any better?

Which leads to a calling. Anything I have done has never been as satisfying; love, jobs, sports and business ownership. Anything worth doing needs to involve music, right down to my spiritual life. Emotional trouble and anxiety ensue if there is no focus on musicality.

As I am more and more entrenched I have more belief. Each action is faith in motion, each act reinforces the direction I am pining for.


At times prospects of what can be achieved seem limitless. It’s an eyes wide open, marveling at the possibilities, sort of thing. Opportunity is everywhere and alternate paths to my destination abound.

Why not be excited? It’s akin to being a kid in a candy shop, in addition to Christmas Morning. What is today’s gift? I can’t wait to unwrap it.


Artistically driven people understand me. There is commonality among us. In this area of life there are no meaningless coincidences; my path seems clear.

One of my podcast guests brought up the sacredness of our habits and mind sets. It really is a correlation of practice, creation and performance which verges on the religious. It is analogous to being in a constant state of prayer, participating with a musical illuminati, the enlightened ones.

I hang with people I like, people who inspire me, who make me laugh. I try to stay away from people who spout negativity, who are close minded and toxic.

Happiness is a choice.


There’s no definition to certain success. To do so almost surely predicts failure. Keeping an eye on the prize doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to win it. Yet the focus on attainment can deliver unsuspected rewards. Maybe that release date has been delayed, but what did you learn in the process. Did you come out smarter and more resilient? Perhaps that sets the stage for the next level of achievement.

Nothing is going to change tomorrow. Because nothing is going to change, I give myself permission to improve and to fail, making the slightest change today, tomorrow and everyday after. I move closer to my objectives while at the same time keeping my line of sight clear and focused.

Momentum, Baby, is everything.


If something exists, then it must be possible.

Every day matters. Aspiration accomplished is the result of compounded daily tasks. Reaching inside of ourselves, moving forward, taking on the inconvenience and sacrifice of time, panting after our hopes; these things move us forward.

Things we have set our eyes upon won’t come to us in one day. Throw goals out the window. There is only process and habit. What ever you are aspiring to achieve – practice, practice, practice.


Learning something new can take time. If it is worth having, worth mastering, there is nothing that negates the task. It’s in those daily victories which express who I am.

Understanding musical notation does not make you a musician. It is through years of practice, developing your subconscious automatic response to performance, which makes you a performer.

The world rewards energy and motion. It favors action over inaction, even if the results seem uncertain. I adhere strongly to this principle, regarding it as a positive approach to life.

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