Somewhere, In The Very Early 90’s

By Todd Ainsworth

Writing for a music blog hasn’t been on my radar, but music is one of my passions and an important part of my life. As my generation gets a little older ( I never expected to live to 50 when I was 18 ) and I start to look a little more inward to try to figure out exactly how I got here, I find myself thinking back to that great time in Seattle I was able to experience and be a small part of-the late 80’s and early 90’s

The media called it Grunge and I’m not refusing to call it that ( even though we didn’t call it that as it was happening ) – but I’ll probably get some push back from those who were there ( maybe even at the same shows! ).

It was a hell of a time to be young and freshly able to drink in bars. Plenty has been written who had more to do with what was going on in the Seattle music scene in those days and who actually write for a living ( you can watch “Singles” in your well worn flannel to see Cameron Crowe’s take ), but for what its worth, I’m going to try give you one man’s perspective who spent many a night loitering around Pioner Square and licking fresh hand stamps to get friends in the Off Ramp if they bought a beer.

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