Hyberbole, Standard Operating Procedure

Aggrandize, to increase the power or reputation of something.

For me, it implies some sort of exaggeration.  It is endemic in the world of music.  Please understand, I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to past pretence.  

I see it in Facebook adds.  I see it in band names.  How many times have you heard that this group of individuals has recording contracts, management, connections and it all turns out to be drivvle?

How about going on tour?  What exactly is a tour?

I have friends that travel hundreds of miles every weekend for a single gig, and never once have they claimed they are on tour.  I have spent month after month after month on the road and the bands I played with never called it a tour.

In an original act I was once with, we did three nights in a another state.  Sure, the semi hauled the staging and lighting out a week before.  Yes we flew out to the gigs.  The band leader told us we were on tour.  I’m like, what are you smoking?  

Sounds like a long weekend to me.  It was. 

Are we really the next greatest thing?  Are we really on the cusp of whatever it is we pretend to be on the cusp of?  

I get that we want to be more important than we appear.  I do think its possible to put aside the BS and be honest about what really is going on in our little worlds.

Lets stop being wannabees.  Only true success attracts true success.  Be real; lets quit pretending to be something we’re not and go out and kick some ass.

Cheers, Go Getters.

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