Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 8

How To Sustain Your Bands Longevity


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Seven Considerations For Working With A Band

Is there respect? Am I receiving the accreditation I deserve?

Is there reciprocation?

Level of commitment? What are the goals? Is the band a social club, which is fine, if that’s the definition of the band. Does it match my expectations?

Environment. Do you feel comfortable? Are you welcome or are you a door mat?

Politics. Is there an underlying power struggle going within the group? Finding it hard to work with folks? Is flow happening?

Would I spend my free time with the band members? If I am in it for the long haul, I am going to hang in there, thick or thin.

Trust. Would I want my Mother to know these people? Would she except them, enjoy them, love them?

These are things I consider and priorities I set when working with others.

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Somewhere, In The Very Early 90’s

By Todd Ainsworth

Writing for a music blog hasn’t been on my radar, but music is one of my passions and an important part of my life. As my generation gets a little older ( I never expected to live to 50 when I was 18 ) and I start to look a little more inward to try to figure out exactly how I got here, I find myself thinking back to that great time in Seattle I was able to experience and be a small part of-the late 80’s and early 90’s

The media called it Grunge and I’m not refusing to call it that ( even though we didn’t call it that as it was happening ) – but I’ll probably get some push back from those who were there ( maybe even at the same shows! ).

It was a hell of a time to be young and freshly able to drink in bars. Plenty has been written who had more to do with what was going on in the Seattle music scene in those days and who actually write for a living ( you can watch “Singles” in your well worn flannel to see Cameron Crowe’s take ), but for what its worth, I’m going to try give you one man’s perspective who spent many a night loitering around Pioner Square and licking fresh hand stamps to get friends in the Off Ramp if they bought a beer.

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It’s All About The Gravy

Things I’ve

Learned From Otis

Trust Your Friends

Otis has good friends. Smokey comes to visit from down the street, leaping and bounding because he is so excited to see his buddy Otis. I have never seen two cats so comfortable with one another.

Otis always remembers the humans he likes. As soon as my friends walk in the house he bypasses me and goes directly to them. He always remembers those who are kind to him.

Be Proud of Your Accomplishments and Maintain Priorities

It’s All About The gravy

If the canned food ain’t that great, be sure to eat all the gravy. Make lemonade out of lemons. Find the silver lining in the rain clouds.

Sometimes You Need To Be By Yourself

Too much noise, too much stress. Just remove yourself from all the junk and find someplace quiet.

Be Kind and Gentle To Everyone

Otis never bares his claws. When playing with his friends, or humans, or bugs, he never hurts or eats anyone. The only time he brought a mouse in to the house he let the mouse run around free. No one is worth hurting, or teasing, or eating. All are worthy of life.

Be Direct

The shortest distance between two points is a direct line. Always come in the back door and head for the the front door. Always be forthright and direct. Ask for what you really want and don’t play games. It wastes everyones time.

When Its time to Cuddle Give It Everything You Have

Love is being complete. When you love those around you make sure you give the loudest purr you have. Those we love are precious and they deserve all the love we can can give them.

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