Perspective Is A Super Power

What if I could just go back and do it over? The age old concept of being smarter at a younger age.

I guess that brings up being regretful for previous actions and decisions. Some of the undertakings and determinations I have made require contriteness. Feelings of guilt and self recrimination have literally haunted my thoughts for years, affecting self-esteem and confidence. Sometimes there have been fears of an imagined confrontation from those I have wronged.

Instead of continuing this cycle of mild paranoia, I have decided to embrace the concept of Pronoia. What is Pronoia, you may ask? It is the delusional belief that people are plotting my well being and saying nice things about me behind my back. It might be my own little world but at least they know me there.

So what have I learned?

To not be concerned with how I am perceived by others.

Understanding that speaking insulting words or practicing actions of even casual malice are things that usually can not be taken back.

Clear and defined convictions give me dividing lines and direction that keep me focused on goals.

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