If You Find Something You Love, Keep Doing It

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Well, well, well, “If You Find Something You Love, Keep Doing It,” they say, whoever they are. It’s a bit of worldly wisdom, like an old grandma’s advice with a twist. This philosophy encourages you to cling to your passions and interests, like a koala to a eucalyptus tree.

Have you stumbled upon a hobby, a career, or perhaps a wild midnight activity that sets ablaze your soul? Don’t just stand there; throw some more fuel on that fire! Keep at it like a terrier on a tennis ball, no matter what stumbling blocks life may toss your way. The bigger the challenge, the more satisfying the victory dance, right? So, let’s dust off your passion and let it shine!

Are You Head Over Heals For What You Do?

The idea we’re tossing around here echoes that old gem, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Mr. Confucius might or might not have said that, but whoever did was really onto something.

The basic premise is that if you’re head over heels for what you do, you’re on the express train to fulfillment city and maybe even Successville. Why? Because if you love it, you’ll pour time, sweat, and your best creative juices into it. This philosophy whispers that when you’re gaga for something, it doesn’t feel like a duty or a slog but more like a perpetual birthday party. You’ll find satisfaction, happiness, and a decent chance you’ll knock it out of the park because love has a funny way of making us give our all.

Now, don’t think this perspective blindfolds you to potential stumbling blocks. Quite the opposite! It hands you a pair of passion-powered binoculars that spot challenges from a mile away and gives you the grit to hop, skip, and jump over them. So, are you ready to pull up your passion socks and conquer those hurdles?

Is It Tech?

Ah, that timeless chicken-or-the-egg quandary! Does technology waltz onto the stage with impeccable timing when the artist is in dire need? Or is it a case of artists rummaging through the technology bargain bin and making do with whatever’s available? Shakespeare didn’t conjure up plays from the ether; he just spiced them up with iambic pentameter. And Salinger? He didn’t give birth to the novel; he just scribbled down a handful.

Technology was already sipping tea and reading the newspaper long before they wandered in. Now, I wouldn’t dare suggest that you’re destined to embrace a particular art form from birth. Let’s be realistic here; your genes are more concerned about what you’re having for dinner than what kind of technology will be available in the next century.

From troglodytes slapping paint on walls to sculptors chipping away at chunks of rock, to the bard scribbling away, and let’s not forget the modern-day wizards playing with quantum physics — people tend to stumble upon their art while wandering through life, not the other way around. You find your canvas where you least expect it, often in the ‘reduced to clear’ section!

Houston, We’ve Got A Problem

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Passion is an elusive and fiery beast! I’ve got friends who not only had skin in the game but their whole being and purpose was the art form. But life got in the way, and the habit of pursuing those dreams got lost.

Obsession doesn’t pick the project; it’s more about the person who is the enthusiast. Some folks are as addicted to passion as a bee is to nectar. They feel self-worth from the whirlwind drama of being “in passion.”

A great performer-singer friend would always wait until the last minute to complete his projects. One day, looking Ted in the eye, I asked, “Why do you do this to yourself?” Staring back at me without pausing, “It’s the thrill, the passion I embrace to make it come together.”

Just a thought here, but maybe the challenge is about something other than snagging that next big project or booting out your grumpy boss. It could be about you getting cozy with that hot-blooded feeling called passion. Passionate folks are like truffle pigs on a mission — they’re always snuffling about, looking for ways to make magic happen. So, dust off your truffle-sniffing snout and get to it!

Finding What You Love

To kick things off, consider becoming a hobby-hopper. Yes, you heard it right! Test the waters of various activities, whether trying to become the next Picasso or attempting to bust some salsa moves. The idea isn’t to turn into an overnight prodigy but to skim the buffet of life and see what tantalizes your taste buds.

Take a look at Joanne Rowling, born in 1965, who decided to play storyteller for her little sister early on – spoiler: she was good at it. Fast-forward to 1990, when JK Rowling found herself on a delayed train and cooked up the spectacle-wearing wizard prodigy we all know and love – Harry Potter. So, while the rest of us grumbled about public transportation, Rowling was busy conjuring a world that would captivate the globe.

The ’90s, however, played hardball. After a teaching stint in Portugal, a failed marriage, and becoming a solo mum, Jo found herself crafting Potter’s world in cafes as her little one slept. She got the big “no, thanks” from publishers multiple times after finishing “Philosopher’s Stone” in ’95. But in 1997, Bloomsbury thought, “Why not?” and the boy wizard took the world by storm. It wasn’t long before Scholastic jumped on the Hogwarts Express for U.S. rights.

The tale’s aftermath? A spellbinding seven-book series with over 500 million copies sold, translation into 80 languages, a blockbuster movie franchise, and a fanbase that spans generations. Despite the fame and fortune, Rowling’s kept her heart in the right place, donating big bucks to causes close to her heart. So, besides giving us Harry, her story is a testament to sticking to your guns, even when life plays the villain.

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Sherlock Holmes-ing Your Way To Passion

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Next on the agenda, it’s time to wear your detective hat and conduct a little self-interrogation. Ask yourself, what lights your fire? What makes you forget about that ticking clock? If money was no object, what would you be doing right now? Your answers might lead you down the path to your passion.

Ever heard of time travel? It’s as easy as dusting off your old comic book collection or digging up your forgotten love for building sand castles. Sometimes, the carefree spirit of our younger selves knew what floated our boat before life got in the way.

Don’t forget the magic mirror on the wall – your friends and family. They can often be the oracle you never knew you had, offering insights into what makes your eyes sparkle. So ask them what they think you’re a natural at. You might be surprised!

And finally, remember, this ain’t a race! Unearthing your passion can take time; it’s more of a stroll than a hundred-meter sprint. So please sit back, relax, and let the journey of self-discovery unfold at its own pace.

Once you’ve stumbled upon that golden nugget, that thing you adore, remember our motto: If you find something you love, keep doing it. Or, in other words, grab that passion puppy by the leash and keep walking it around the park!

Life In The Passion Lane: Surely Going To Blow Your Mind

Passion is your built-in GPS to finding what you love. When life feels like a never-ending episode of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, your passion gives you a sense of purpose. It’s not just about killing time; it’s about living time.

The Ride

Photograph Compliments of Priscilla Du Preez

Life can be a relentless rollercoaster, soaring to dizzying highs of joy and success, then plummeting into the gut-wrenching lows of hardship and disappointment. Its unexpected twists and jarring turns are a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability, where challenges often lurk around the corners. Nevertheless, despite its relentless bumps and sometimes terrifying descents, this same tumultuous ride shapes our character, teaches resilience, and makes the journey profoundly meaningful. Enter passion. Passion can be a key to happiness and well-being.

Your enthusiasm is the front seat, the wind blowing in your hair and letting out joyful whoops. It’s the happy pill with no side effects, the stress-buster we all need. Passion is the spark that lights up the “I’m curious” neon sign in your head. It’s the driving force behind your “know-it-all-ness” and the secret sauce that makes dealing with life not so bad.

Are You Connected To The Things You Love?

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Let’s take a look at Connection and Sharing. You see, passion is not just your hobby; it’s your membership card to the coolest club in town. People out there get your weird, unique, wonderful lifestyle. These are your peeps, your squad, your tribe. So, connect, share, and thrive together!

So here’s the zinger: passion is not just a part of who you are—it’s the special ingredient in your life’s secret sauce. It powers you up, plots your course, sprinkles joy, fosters growth, and links you with fellow fashionistas. So if you’re hunting for a life upgrade, remember: find your passion and keep it close. Your happiness and fulfillment depend on it.

Smile And Say Cheese! The Piera Gelardi Success Story

Piera Gelardi’s story is a dazzling testament to how hobbies can morph into groundbreaking enterprises. With a camera in her hands and an intuitive knack for aesthetics, Piera was initially just a creative soul who reveled in photography, design, and style. Little did she know, her creative explorations were setting the groundwork for something monumental – Refinery29.

In the world of cookie-cutter fashion platforms, Piera and her co-founders dreamed of a space that echoed the voices of independent fashion. Starting small, they curated content for the underrepresented New York City boutiques and designers. Their humble digital platform began to snowball, winning over audiences with their unique fashion narratives and bold trendspotting.

Refinery29 is now a media colossus, influencing over 500 million people worldwide. It’s the digital Mecca for style seekers, providing a unique blend of fashion inspiration, entertainment, and empowering discussions on women’s issues. And the engine powering this mammoth platform?

Piera’s undying love for her hobby. Piera Gelardi’s journey from passionate hobbyist to digital media titan encapsulates the magic that happens when passion meets perseverance. Her story reminds us to revisit our hobbies with a new lens – because sometimes, that small pastime might be the seed of your next big adventure!

Embracing And Pursuing What You Love

Embracing and pursuing your passion is a liberating journey that can lend your life an unmatched sense of fulfillment and joy. This process involves acknowledging what sets your soul on fire and nurturing those sparks into a blazing inferno of purpose and happiness. It’s about taking the essence of what you genuinely love and weaving it into the very fabric of your daily life.

Embracing your passion begins with self-reflection. It involves digging deep into your desires and interests to uncover what you are genuinely passionate about. You may love anything from painting to coding, dancing to researching scientific phenomena, writing to advocating for social causes.

Acceptance is the next crucial step once you’ve identified what ignites your passion. Accepting that this is something you love, despite societal pressures or external opinions, is integral to fully embracing your power and passion.

Pursuing what you love involves actively integrating your passion into your life. You may not necessarily abandon your day job or make drastic changes. It could mean dedicating a few hours every week to indulge in your passion or taking small steps towards a long-term goal. It could be as simple as reading about the subject, joining online communities of like-minded people, taking a course, or starting a side project. In this pursuit, obstacles and setbacks are often inevitable.

Yet, your sheer love and enthusiasm for your passion can fuel your resilience. Challenges then transform into stepping stones, shaping your journey and achieving your passion-fueled goals all the more gratifying. Finding what you love also means recognizing and seizing opportunities. Part of your process could involve networking with people in your field of interest, seeking mentorship, or embracing chances to showcase your passion, like exhibitions, competitions, or public platforms.

Remember, embracing and pursuing your passion is deeply personal and unique. It’s a path that should be tread at your own pace, with your heart leading the way. So take the leap, follow what excites your spirit, and watch as your life becomes a vibrant tapestry of joy and fulfillment.

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The Benefits Of Doing What You Love

Imagine waking up every day with a spark in your eye, knowing that you’ll spend time on something that fills you with joy. That passion isn’t just a fleeting feeling; it permeates your life, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. You laugh more and smile more, and life seems a little brighter.

Challenges? Annoyances? Of course, they’re there, but they don’t seem as impossible. Each setback is a stepping stone, not a stumbling block. Stress is something you navigate, not something that manages you. Your body thanks you, too, with better sleep, better health, and a spring in your step.

I can’t promise you your job won’t be frustrating, but it will be easier to manage. There will be a bigger purpose that will sustain you. You’ll wait for the next idea to strike because your imagination has been flung wide open. You’re not motivated by the paycheck but by the sheer love of what you do. You grow, learn, and become an expert in something you’d happily do for free.

Your friends and family see it too. They will share your excitement and support your dreams; some might even join you on your journey. Your passion becomes a connection, a conversation starter, a way to deepen your relationships with the people you care about.

And what about the future? Your passion might start as a hobby and grow into a career. It might stay a delightful pastime that enriches your weekends. Either way, it’s a part of you, shaping your legacy, defining who you are, and making your life a story worth telling.

Ultimately, doing what you love isn’t just a hobby or a career choice; it’s a life choice. It’s choosing happiness, fulfillment, authenticity, and growth. It’s a path that leads to a life that is not just lived but truly loved.

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