Music is Breathing

Damn The Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead

Why do we care what other people think?

I have good friends who are super prolific in their craft, but can’t write a song good enough to climb out of paper bag. They are always happy to share their music with out even a thought. Their songs outright suck. They just don’t care. You know what? There is amazing freedom in that.

Everything In The World Comes From Something That Already Exists

My friends who write songs of prolific drudgery, they can not be accused of not creating with flow, because it flows, like, down hill.

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or a compelling desire for someone or something. In the case of this blog, it is music.

The zeal for music can range from interest or admiration, to a burning obsession.

I have another set of friends who have bi weekly jam sessions. Never mind they jam on the same set of tunes year in and year out. There is usually a healthy mix of alcohol and weed. You know, they love it. I haven’t noticed significant improvement in their skill set. I’m not sure that is important, rather, the significance lies in the camaraderie.


It’s been written: a desire fueled by passion will bring about the greatest results in life.

Passion can push us through challenging situations. Because of desire to live our dreams, passion fuels our actions. Funny, often we have no idea how much can be accomplished until we push ourselves.

Passion can propel us through challenging situations, not concerning ourselves with the commitment to action. If we want to live our dreams, there is a willingness to push through to what ever we decide.

For me, passion for music started as a child. I remember often times being by myself and writing songs. Our parents had given us a cassette recorder/player, with a microphone. I would spend hours pretending to run a radio station, singing, making my own playlist.

Is passion the province of nerds and geeks? What once were hobbies became obsession; I would do this even if I had never made a dime. After all this time spent working towards and desiring greater outcome, here I am, Geek it is.

The world does not understand why I should devote my life to the pursuit of elevating my skill set, more over, comprehend my reasons to only be around others who appreciate this endeavor. I have to shut out almost everything else to achieve my self appointed tasks. If the world doesn’t understand, I really don’t care.

The Weirdo Within

I have gone in to full nerd mode. Even when I had put down music for years, it still led to obsession. The thought would never leave me.

The question has always been, what if? The desire has never left my mind.

I think the things we could all agree upon is what passion represents – Drive, enthusiasm, limitless energy, motivation, the thrill of hourly achievement. Zealousness drives me to study, practice and embrace process. Raw excitement propels itself into ambition. Some might consider it a curse.

Yeah, self imposed. Who knows better than I?

Can we help?

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