Crawling To The Water Well

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While you are crawling to the water well, don’t give your obstacles too much power.

What Is The Water Well

I love this analogy: the water well is the source of my creative power. Not only do I need to quench my thirst, but the water I desire also sustains me.

These are my notions: there are barriers and stumbling blocks on my path, how do I navigate them.

Two Variables

The nature of obstacles is objective and subjective:

I believe the roadblock in my way is tangible, and it exists.

Or, there is the perception of what is hindering me; it is subjective in its essence. I see the thing blocking me, and I name it a reality, but it may not necessarily be so.

In any chosen path of endeavor, we will have to decide how to interpret the reality we confront.

The optimum reality of life is the correlation of all of its interrelatedness. The human mindset usually veers in one of two ways:

In one way, Our brains want to make connections to everything we experience.

The other way we make connections is by taking individual things out of context. We analyze things as separate entities or occurrences, creating imagined circumstances or consequences. We all do it.

The Challenges Of Crawling To The Water Well

The challenges I am facing are not unique; countless others have had to deal with barriers in their lives. The despair and frustration I feel, these emotions, are negatively influencing the perceptions of my situation. By focusing on this feeling of exasperation, I am growing more and more annoyed.

These are a few points I need to consider:

Am I going to alter my mental outlook and change my emotional response? Or will I continue as I have, believing my hindrances are permanent obstacles?

As creatives, using and altering our perspective is part of utilizing the imagination. There are many possibilities available to us, being able to think out of the box is part of that process.

Doubt is always present in the decision-making process. We need to accept uncertainty’s discomfort. Good decisions are made based on our ability to visualize what happens next. To make good decisions, we need to forecast the future. And yet, predicting the progression of forthcoming circumstances usually proves itself inaccurate, this is fortunetelling. Prognosticating reveals how much we don’t know.

Difficult as it might seem, learn how to perceive tomorrow as having a range of different outcomes. Figure out the most probable possibilities and make your decisions accordingly. Like anything worth pursuing, create it as a daily habit.

How About The 10 10 10 Rule?

The rule is simple: any decision you make, consider its repercussions in the next ten minutes, the following ten months, and the next ten years.

Most of us live our predictive lives sloppily. An example would be – “I’m thinking about going to Vegas this year.” That statement doesn’t nail down the probable odds of going to Vegas.

A person can plan on working their job tomorrow with a good measure of certainty. What if that person is trying to replace their current income stream? What events do they need to plan to make the odds of leaving their employment more probable? Tomorrow, if they do nothing, then the result of the effort will be zero. One tiny bit of endeavor increases the chances of change in their financial situation. Small amounts of concentration and work can later compound into significant results.

Technology Is Amazingly Distractive

The Water Well Of Technology

Photo Courtesy of ThisisEngineering RAEng

Social media’s premise is comparative analysis. The celebrities we see live to the highest degree of their potential. We then compare ourselves against those we follow and measure their successes against ours. Isn’t it interesting how most of us do not measure up to the accomplishments of these other people? In this life, there is no end in comparison. Measuring our achievements against others can lead to Imposter Syndrome, low self-esteem, and other negative thought processes.

Take your cell phone – what a marvel of innovation! An ordinary smartphone has a phone, a camera, a photo library, a clock, a texting app, and any number of myriad applications. Here is the kicker- the average person is unaware of how much time they spend on their phones. Do five to six hours a day seem about right?

Check out Techjury to find out about the pervasiveness of our smartphone addiction.

The Fallacy Of Multitasking

The word multitask is an engineering term. The designation multitask was later used in computing, delineating the computer’s capacity to do several operations concurrently. The computer is like the human brain in that it still does one task simultaneously.

I have no idea how multitasking, as a concept, came to imply a human’s ability to do several jobs simultaneously. It is not an efficient use of time and energy to do multiple tasks concurrently. An example of some cultural misappropriation, I’m guessing.

Driving and talking on a smartphone is an excellent example of two different tasks that compete for the attention of the other – multitasking at its most inefficient application.

Enter The Internet

How many devices do you own that can access the internet? Take your hand-held device – you can listen to music and still have any number of applications simultaneously open. Bouncing back and forth between applications is far from unusual. The internet promotes distraction. We multitask between platforms, distracted by all the alternatives available to us.

The internet prevents us from drawing closer to the water well. The idea is to become more primitive and less reliant on technology.

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Why Are You Thirsty For The Water Well?

Do you know why you have this passion and desire to be more than you are? Your motivation isn’t necessarily mine.

You Want Power

There are myriad reasons why people want power. The only subject this blog is going to address is autonomy. We’re going to stay away from the harmful and destructive aspects of seeking power.

The power of autonomy equals freedom. Some examples are freedom from an employer, the ability to call your shots, self-reliance, and being whom you want to be.

You Desire Recognition

Connecting to our environment is one of the most elementary fixations of the human mind. Above all else, we want to be recognized. Whether it’s our jobs, relationships, or society, recognition is a cornerstone of self-esteem.

You Want To Help others

Maybe you believe paying ahead is a path to the water well. By sharing, teaching, healing, and making things right, we manifest greater abundance in our lives. Or maybe you believe the more your own potential is fulfilled the more you can help others attain theirs.

The plenitude we create isn’t always financial. There are many ways to recognize the results of surplus.

You Want To Be A Winner

What is a winner?

Winners are notably successful persons seemingly destined for success.

Winners are not commodities. There is a qualitative difference between the winners and the rest of us. The rule of winning is not to be comparable to others who share the same background and skill set. Like successful actors or Formula One drivers, they set themselves apart.

Winning is not everything. Those persons at the top tiers of success have inevitably experienced failure. They persevere even after being defeated multiple times. The thirst to be the best is what drives them. Going back to the water well to quench their desire was always part of the journey.

You Desire Self-mastery

What is mastery? According to the Free Dictionary, mastery is:

Full command or an understanding of a subject

Outstanding skill or expertise

The power of command or control

Victory or Superiority

Why Is Mastery A Source Of The Water Well?

If you are thirsty for ability, there are specific things you desire. You want a connection to the larger picture. The work you are committed to meshes with your long-term goals. Mastering your craftwork brings a more extensive global outlook, allowing a larger vision and perspective. Each step of the process reveals pertinent data, which is foundational to the next learning phase.

At times, mastery of the subsequent stage of development becomes elusive. Embracing the technique which has brought you to the point of your current efficacy lets you look at the source of your challenges from all angles.

Your want leads you to the water well.

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Who Are You?

Whom do you believe you are?

Your art is a living thing. Your creations come alive through the life experiences in which you have participated. These undertakings require your life’s energy and genius. You and your work are worthy.

You are deserving of the success for which you aspire.

Do you believe your circumstances are holding you back? That is an affirmation. Are you going to overcome your limitations? That is an affirmation. Whatever you think about yourself is an affirmation.

We are the source of the water well. It is not our extenuating circumstances. It is how we decide to let our mindsets determine our position in life, which dictates how we find the sustenance we crave.

If you decide your source of inspiration is severed, then you are. If you know your motivation, despite your obstacles, then you are connected. It is how you perceive where you are.

Do you feel displaced, out of touch, or unmotivated? Guess what, you are. Do you know that you can overcome your circumstances despite the roadblocks? Then you can.

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