What is Mental Fortitude?

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What is mental fortitude? Fortitude is considered a virtue by many. Resoluteness through challenges and chasing vision is part of fortitude’s defining characteristics. This blog is all about the pursuit of creativity; this is how I present fortitude.

We base our decisions on exercising action. By using our ability to visualize we can predict what happens next.

Sir Isaac Newton


Forgive me, Isaac, for using your laws as metaphors. I’m not a physicist, but the postulate of these examples help define fortitude.

Newton’s Three Laws Of motion

The Law Of Inertia

In the law of inertia, an object, or you, will not adjust its motion until an external force acts upon it. You might be sitting around doing nothing, or you may have committed to a course of action. Perhaps you are at rest or moving down a straight line; your path will not change until you or something else exerts force to change the direction of movement. That may include but does not exclude personal decisions or external pressures.

The Law Of Force And Acceleration

All of us recognize that just because we produce a large amount of creative output, there are no guarantees we will achieve recognition and success. The law of averages works for us in that the more we produce, the better the chances we can succeed in being acknowledged.

In the metaphor of the second law, the force of an object, i.e., your creative output, is equal to its mass multiplied by its acceleration. This allegory illustrates the energy used in the production of creativity. The time spent in the process, the speed of that process, is equal to the measure and the direction in which your imagination and inventiveness flows.

This metaphor is not an estimate of quality. If quality were the deciding factor in an artist’s career, Andy Warhol, in my opinion, would have never pursued pop art. In a world of quantitative value, prolific wins.

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The Law Of Motion

Isaac’s third law of motion: when two bodies interact, they apply forces to one another that are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Hence the orbit of the planets. Likewise, with thoughts and ideas. 

Add thought and ideas to the concept of the interaction of two bodies. When two ideas interact, they compel one another in equal magnitude, in opposite directions. As one thought comes in contact with another, they become a larger whole and intertwine with each other.

In pop music, the idea of verse, chorus, and bridge displays musical ideas which metaphorically revolve around each other. Writers confess to their characters taking on their own lives, going in directions the author hadn’t considered. Creating the person’s persona takes on its own life, going places and acting of its volition. A sculptor or painter releases the essence of the work from the stone or canvas – Michelangelo’s David or da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

These are examples of reflections, pondering, and premeditation, which impact one another and become entities of their own. We breathe animation and life into our creative designs.

Every life is a bull’s eye. link the bull’s eye values exercise.

Kinetic action In Mental Fortitude

By taking action, you create kinetic energy and maintain mental fortitude.

The Attributes of Mental Fortitude

Mental fortitude requires exercising wisdom.

What Does Wisdom Incorporate?

There is a hunger in seeking knowledge for the person with mental fortitude, especially when there is a hunger for an individual’s chosen field. The love of learning is a prerequisite to pursuing wisdom. We have access to the most incredible amount of information. In the known history of humanity, our data sources have never been so vast. The internet is the primary source for almost everyone. Curiosity is key.

Wisdom embraces judgment. Judging circumstances depends upon your acquired qualities and the pertinent data available. Discernment enables you to form valuable viewpoints and interpret the facts.

Perspective utilizes the same process. We need to have a birds-eye view of our creative interactions.

Creativity makes use of the former attributes. Practicing inventiveness with your imagination connects to different types of thinking. You need to be flexible in your thought process. Spontaneous and unpredictable ideas may leap into your mind. You can test the creative measure of all the opportunities that arise. Wisdom, likewise, embraces curiosity.

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How Does Einstein Feel?

I really like what Al has to say:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”


Albert was wise!!!

Mental Fortitude Requires Courage

What is courage?

A) It exhibits tenacity

B) There is a spirit pf perseverance

C) There is desire to have a resolution to our challenges

D) We deal with our circumstances with fortitude

E) We have the strength to stand up against the difficulty, fear, and danger that enters our lives

Being courageous requires asking ourselves some questions:

Are you always showing up? Do you voice your opinions when the situation requires a constructive perspective?

Is there vigor and spirit in your behavior? Do you keep on keeping on?

Are you honest with yourself and others? Is honesty ingrained into your personality?

These are not the end-all qualities of courage but are certainly a few of the markers.

Being Humane Is An Indication Of Mental Fortitude

How do you conduct yourself with the rest of the human race?

Social Intelligence is a building block of mental fortitude. Social intelligence recognizes empathy as an essential trait. Part of the social covenant is to consider the feelings of others. We don’t have to feel only sympathy to understand a person’s situation. Feeling others’ joy, pain, and emotions allow connectivity to other people. Empathy allows us benevolence and compassion.

Practicing humaneness has an attribute called kindness.

Talking about being kind and acting kind are two different things. Most of us would agree that being kind is simple. Most of us consider ourselves to display kindness to those around us. But by looking around the world, it seems kindliness appears lacking. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

For more about kindness, checkout this blog – Minimalism Made Simple

We all think we know what love is. Love is Hard.

Thank You Adam Puchalski. Drums, Courtesy of Mackncheeze Music, of course

The Attributes Of Love Help Build Mental Fortitude

Embracing truth in today’s world seems to get more complex every day. Yet it is fundamental to love. Attributes of love exhibit patience, serenity, thoughtfulness, and kindness. It is difficult not to envy or be jealous of others, but not practicing these things is part of love. Not being sensitive to the perceived wrongs others commit toward us is part of love. Can we bear all things, believe in all things, and hope in all things remaining steadfast on our course? These, too, are part of love.

Being humane is not natural, but we can move forward by its practice.

Practicing Justice Is Part Of Mental Fortitude

Part of justice is doing things without bias. Humans gravitate toward prejudice; the unbiased person does not exist. Our influences shape our thoughts and personalities, forming our cognitive proclivities. Our social circles, education, and spiritual beliefs govern our beliefs and attitudes. These things are difficult to let go of. 

I suggest we practice open-mindedness, treating other persons the way we know is right. Practice fairness.

Seeking to increase consciousness is a way to practice justice. We humans are frail. Understanding our human condition helps us to comprehend of our weaknesses.

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transcendence Is A Marker Of Mental fortitude

Most consider transcendence as a spiritual experience. Definition of the word includes going beyond or climbing above our ordinary limitations. Clara Schumann, Salvador Dali, Chick Webb, and Tom Brady are perfect examples. All four represent individuals who have gone beyond normal physical and societal boundaries.

A person with mental fortitude can transcend limitations, going beyond their own human experience.

Being able to discover awe and wonder in daily life are attributes of transcendence. There is beauty in this world; recognizing this adds value to our lives.

Most people reading this blog have First World challenges. When getting by day-to-day is not a hand-to-mouth challenge, there is much to be grateful for. We have much for which to be thankful.

Are you able to laugh? Is there irony in your current state of affairs? Even if your situation is a joke, can you see its humor, even if it hurts? This also is transcendence.

Your future lies before you; how do you see it? Regardless of circumstances, do you have hope and faith?

Every decision in life has a pro and con; like a chess game, you can’t take back your last move.

Overcoming Self-destructive Emotions With Mental Fortitude

Emotions, triggers, and thoughts impact your head space. If you are confronting self-destructive feelings, remember that only you can reverse the challenge. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Different external conditions can impact your mental health. Depression can stop a person in their tracks. If your depression is physiological in nature, seek help, it’s not your fault. If not, get support in any way you can; you must succeed.

I know many genius artists who deal with mental disorders. Most of them successfully come to terms with their challenges. Some do not; we know who the most famous are.

You have the right to be here. Be ready with a counter-argument to your negative self-talk. Assert yourself to yourself and those around you. That’s why you are here; this is your time and place.

Deliberate Practice

We work out our artistic ideas from intuitiveness and rational thinking. This concept may seem contradictory. The further we master the mechanics of our chosen genre, our perceptions and rationale merge.

Deliberate Practice Enhances Mental Fortitude

Our society tends not to recognize the discipline of practice. It is too dull and uninspiring to think about the time required to master a high skill level. We want to imagine genius or great talent as natural gifts, presents from the Muses. 

Almost any person can achieve mastery of their chosen field. My Uncle practiced sheer tenacity. He never attended a technical school, didn’t go to university, or apprenticed in a vocation. He was always in demand where ever he would go. By the end of his career, he successfully moved from job to job, and city to city, as a lead millwright. I always admired him for what he accomplished.

Building new neural pathways allows us to draw upon the source of our physical and mental powers. The practice of tenacity optimizes the human brain’s 86 billion neurons. The application of repetition enhances our brain’s natural tendency to develop skills.

The Results Of Practicing Deliberately:

There is a difference between being an expert in a chosen craft and being an average person. The distinction between skilled and adept is a lifelong commitment to the art form. Putting oneself in situations that test the limits of abilities is a requirement. Consistent real-time feedback is essential to developing progress.

The resources available are endless, especially in the twenty-first century. Recording tracks is an excellent way to check progress. Consistent and persistent dedication to education is also valuable. Mentorship is essential.

Deliberately practicing is intensive. Playing music in real-time with other musicians enhances communication skills. To become a great musical communicator, play with people with higher skill levels. Add to or change your associations.

Practice Deliberately!!!

And In The End

The practice of fortitude requires intelligence. What is the highest form of intelligence? If you Google the definition, you will find several alternatives. The highest forms of intelligence are:

Kindness, goodness, wisdom, intuition, and creativity.

All of these are foundations of fortitude.

We, all of us, are uniquely created. The challenge is to embrace our sense of destiny. We want to maintain the interrelation of our purpose and the distinctiveness of who we are.

Can we help you?


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