The Genius Factor

Genius is an absolutely important component of creativity; not necessarily an Einsteinian genius. Most of us are not revolutionizing scientific theory.

How about actionable design which translates to a ton of effort and process.

Some folks are great song writers. I realize that the process can be perfected by constantly composing. I have one friend who can throw together lyrics, chord progression, melody and arrangement in such a brief time it will make your head spin. I mean, ready for production, done. Wow, prolific would be an under statement.

I have another friend who says you can’t teach good song writing. A person can be guided on a path, but time always reveals whether the direction holds true. Analogous to a person with good character: a child can be taught good examples, but it takes living life to see whether those traits hold true.

And yet another friend who says most song writers can’t write their way out of a paper bag. God, truth hurts.

The fact of the matter, I have many, many friends and associates in music who are indeed genius. Intelligence seems to to be the dominate characteristic of all art forms.

Truly, the concept is mind blowing. I can’t think of a single musician I know, regardless of skill level, who, at the very least, is not an amazingly insightful and deeply thoughtful human being. It’s almost scary stuff.

In art, intellect of some form or degree is the most important trait. Maybe that is a blanket statement; nothing I have experienced would disprove my belief.

Is there anything we can do to help you?

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