Ideas Of The Plausible

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As a creative, your ideas of the plausible are what have sustained you.

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Creativity and Ideas Of The Plausible

Do you want to devise something genuinely new? The adage that anything is possible is false; we are not God. We can achieve difficult things, but we can not reach for the impossible; this is the number one reason for seeking essential data. We want to stand out and create a unique presence within our means.

Every great innovator is first and foremost a designer. Your creation process is far more important than relying on the opinions of others. At the same time, seek out data that isn’t necessarily positive. Failure and mistakes are a significant part of the path to creative success.

There is a risk of marching down a different path. Someone somewhere is going to disagree with and critique you. When you are exploring ideas of the plausible, you will confront obstacles. But you know, discovering secrets is paramount to establishing yourself.

Secrets And Ideas Of The Plausible

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As innovative designers, it is our job to create something new; we believe there are still unrevealed secrets in the world.

Why doesn’t the ordinary person think secrets can still be found? Most of us aren’t able to distinguish our cognitive biases from what is actual reality.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to make mistakes in your life, you shouldn’t hunt for secrets. Part of looking for secrets can lead to dedicating your life to what nobody else believes; that can be a friendless place. Even if you are right, you face the possibility of loneliness. What if you are wrong? How will you deal with that?

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Why Is It Unorthodox To Look For Secrets?

Our society increasingly believes there are no more secrets to be learned. This doubt discourages us from looking for the unknown because the world seems too large and overwhelming to contribute unique and uncommon ideas.

The Educational System

From childhood, we learn that doing things one step at a time is the correct path to progress. Each day of public school requires taking incremental efforts to achieve an education. An average of six forty-five-minute class periods reinforce the step-by-step process. By doing what is needed, we get a grade; by doing a little better than our fellow students, we can receive an A. This methodology is prevalent through higher education.

The public school system prepares students for college; it does not prepare them for life. After 12 years plus of education, after ingesting an endless array of subject matter, the only thing the student is ready for is more schooling; nothing else. The entire function of the school system is to upstage the essential aspects of life, whether intentional or not. The result of public education encourages mediocrity and creates citizens indistinguishable from one another.

Taking Chances

Doubt and mistrust are prevalent in our culture. The institutions of government seem less and less trustworthy. Employers have become more and more greedy. Social media has allowed its users to become increasingly selfish and narcissistic.

A great deal of stress is involved in life’s day-to-day challenges. Why take on more endeavors when there is already enough on our plates?

Most people like to bet on the sure thing. The practice of risk aversion is to choose outcomes of minimal uncertainty over those of high uncertainty. Exploring possibilities with unknown consequences requires thinking out of the box. How will you discover your next secret if you don’t think out of the box?

It’s Good Enough, Why Bother?

A co-worker told me that pursuing creativity is akin to playing fantasy football. He considers my art a pipe dream, a fantasy that will never see fruition. Defending oneself in the face of such incredible obtuseness is vain.

At first glance, my co-worker’s disregard for my musical interests may appear cutting and condescending. I see it, instead, as a projection of his complacency. I have known him for years and have watched his creative spirit die. He has a stable job, lots of responsibility, and is paid well for his work. His career is where his dream ends; pity the fool.

American culture is on a course of increasing resistance to change. I understand why people would make decisions in this way. The world seems less stable, and a person wants to protect what they have. The desire for stability drives most choices.

It is straightforward to understand why people resist new and challenging ideas. We are bombarded by vast amounts of information daily. Unexplored concepts can take you out of your comfort zone and force you to expend more energy than you might be willing. The egocentric thinking process asks, “If I’m not ready to change my life, why would anyone want to?”

These attitudes are all around me. I grow weary of existing in a world where there is no growth mindset.

The Voice Of Doubt

The world is vast; is it still possible for an average person to bring unique ideas into existence? It is easy to perceive globalization as creating a more competitive and homogeneous international culture. A person seeking to discover new ideas might ask why people more intelligent and creative hadn’t found those ideas already. Why try to envision something new when you must compete with minds superior to yours?

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand why the average person gives up searching for secrets before they even start.

The Chemistry Of Ideas

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Is there a reason to be connected to the moment? Purpose and meaning can lead us to the sacred and significant path. My experience has led me to record music and performance. So much of that experience allows me to express myself to myself, leading to a connection with the divine. 

What drives people to forge their creativity; what is the impetus? The desire for inventiveness is rooted in longing or despair. Necessity is the mother of invention; hope and pain are inclusive components of our imagination’s desires.

Whether manifested as hope or pain, the desire to change reality is the impetus for all great creative acts. Identifying and holding your motivation will allow the creative process to come much more easily.

There are only two forces in creativity: the things we draw near to and the things we push away. Of course, there are compromises between the two.

Debussy said, “Music is the silence between the notes.” A painter, photographer, or videographer looks for contrast in light and darkness. Musicians and audio producers are likewise looking for contrasts in sound and silence. Bela Bartok states, “There are only fast and slow developments in art. Essentially it is a matter of evolution, not revolution.”

Light and shadow, fear and love, sound and silence: these concepts shape who we are as human beings and artists. We seek our purpose and destination.

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More Ideas Of The Plausible

The narratives we have of our lives are our sources of creativity. These stories can be personal, societal, or both, their nature being internal or external. All creativity comes from the mythologies and legends we hold dear.

Exploring plausible ideas in music requires utilizing genres. Ideas are almost never created by simply willing them into existence. Concepts and visions are transmitted from the various perceptions that we have in our view.

I can confidently state that I have no unique ideas. My good ideas come from others who have gone before me; standing on the shoulders of giants. These musicians have conceived inventions that improve our lives. Every important creative thought comes from a network of collaborators and artists I seek to emulate. My inventiveness comes from a huge Jambalaya of influences and a process of self-reflection. This is how I create something new.

The stuff of art is the love and passion that stirs my soul. These components are where contentment and happiness lie. When I hear a classical movement that brings me to tears or when a pop artist brings something unexpectedly tasty to the table, these things inflame my hunger. I want to be like them.

Are Your Plausible Ideas Based On Luck Or Skill?

Once you do something you thought wasn’t possible, your arguments of unbelief lose their power. With that being said, how are you looking at the future?

The Foundation

“Shallow men believe in luck, believe in circumstances.… Strong men believe in cause and effect.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each day unfolds with myriad possibilities; there is hope and faith in my battle against randomness. I can’t foresee tomorrow’s outcomes, but I can control the perception of how my destiny unfolds. By doing this, I can understand where I am going and why.

In the middle of creative collaboration, there will be clues as to what will work and what will not. Some people you work with may have negative opinions about your work. When that happens, take it as a sign of being on the right track.

Consider living your life with strong convictions. Judge for yourself where you want to be, and then nail down the specifics. Think about the most critical matters in your life and pursue those. Become a monopoly of one, someone substantial, irreplaceable.

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