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  • The Art Of Self-Sabotage

    The Art Of Self-Sabotage

    The art of self-sabotage materializes when we act in counter-productive ways that interfere with achieving our goals. This can become a skill. Photograph Compliments of Noah Buscher Self-Sabotage Defined Self-sabotage is a pretty heavy subject. People can destroy themselves emotionally, physically, and mentally, undermining their goals and values with self-sabotage. Here’s the good news –…

  • A Call To Action

    A Call To Action

    It is important that you and I reach our full potential. Why? Because you and I matter, and what we do matters. It is the way we think, act and the path of our lives. I want to live to my fullest potential. How about you? A Philosopher Speaks Out How about this guy? Johann…

  • If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

    If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

    I have recently encountered circumstances which have put limitations on time. Time constraints – the worse, Man. My productivity has fallen and the thought crushes me. The results are showing up. What was once expanding and growing is now stagnant. It’s not that I’m not doing what I need to do, it’s that I don’t…