Don’t Be a Copy: Harness Your Genius and Become a Monopoly of One

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Like a cat with nine lives, forging a Monopoly of One demands being the eternal student, mining for wisdom in your belly button, wrestling problems like they owe you money, and sipping from a growth smoothie every single day!

What Is A Monopoly Of One

Picture a world where only one business sells a particular product or service, completely dominating the market. Yup, that’s what economists call a “monopoly.” Doesn’t it sound like a great place to park your talent?

Let’s get a grip on this whole “monopoly” thing:

You can be like the Lone Ranger: When we’re talking monopoly, you are the show, a lone star, selling yourself, creating the brand of you, the only show in town.

You’re one of a kind One-of-a-kind: No copycats here. What you bring to the table is unique, and no one else matches up. It’s like finding a unicorn in a herd of horses.

You have become the Fort Knox of your chosen art. Breaking into your bag of tricks is about as easy as storming the castle. Good luck getting over the walls when your mote is so deep. 

Doesn’t it make you think? As an artist, can you find some symmetry here? Could you be the Monet of your market, the Picasso of your product? If a business can score these monopoly perks, why can’t an artist? 

Everything vital to us—the universe, the planet, the country, your branding, your life, and this moment—is singular. You are the essence of singular originality and a Monopoly of One. 

Want some examples of the high achievers, some role models of the Monopoly Of One?


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Imagine basketball as a marketplace; we have unique brands within this marketing arena. But there’s this one guy, a brand in his own right, who swoops in and completely takes over. We’re talking about none other than Michael “Air” Jordan.

Jordan was like an artist; his basketball court was his canvas, and he painted masterpieces. The athleticism that’d put an Olympic gymnast to shame, a competitive spirit fiercer than a pitbull, and a basketball IQ that might as well have been a supercomputer. Mix it all, and you’ve got scoring sprees, defensive masterclasses, and a clutch gene that’d make a Swiss watchmaker jealous.

Think about the NBA Finals, the gladiator arena of basketball. Now think about who ruled that ring in Jordan’s time. It’s MJ, the guy who hoisted six championship trophies and bagged the Finals MVP each time. Talk about cleaning up.

His Royal Airness wasn’t just a star but a global phenom. His influence transcended the confines of the court, helping the NBA break through borders in the ’80s and ’90s. And remember the iconic Air Jordan brand – a game-changer in sports marketing.

The MJ effect didn’t stop at retirement. His shadow still looms large over the game. Every new kid on the block gets compared to him, but is he reaching that gold standard of skill, athleticism, and sheer will? That’s a tall order.

In the pro basketball market, Michael Jordan was a monopoly of one. He supplied something nobody else could – that “Michael Jordan-style” play. Like a rare gem, his legacy is unique and invaluable, a testament to one of sports’ most influential figures.


Photograph Compliments of Luke Chesser

Whether you love him or hate him, take Elon Musk. The man is a tech tycoon with a Midas touch. He is a fearless innovator whose fingerprints are all over modern tech, from electric cars to space exploration. His accolades include being a wizard of enterprise, a savvy visionary, and an entrepreneur who doesn’t just play the game but reinvents it. Think of Musk; you’ve got yourself a “monopoly of one.” Think about it:

Musk is like a high-speed bullet train on a non-stop route to Progress City. He looks at challenges and industries that would send others running for the hills and says, “Bring it on.”

Musk isn’t just some suit running a tech company. He’s down in the trenches, understanding the tech his companies develop at a level that’d make an MIT grad blush. Twitter aside, his technical know-how lets him steer his enterprises with the precision of a chess grandmaster. You can’t always bat a thousand.

Picture a future with human colonies on Mars, a world running on sustainable energy, and human brains synched with AI. Sounds crazy, right? But to Musk, it’s Tuesday. His vision isn’t about getting rich but changing the world.

Musk doesn’t just tolerate risk; he takes it out for dinner and a movie. After pocketing a tidy sum from PayPal, he went all-in, staking his fortune on SpaceX and Tesla. Both came inches from biting the dust, but they rose from the ashes like a phoenix.

Whether it’s the stock market, public sentiment, or the value of Bitcoin, his words have power. His influence stretches far beyond the walls of his enterprises.

This blend of raw drive, tech prowess, audacious vision, a daredevil attitude toward risk, and a powerful sphere of influence is Musk’s monopoly of one. His distinctive approach to entrepreneurship has shifted the paradigms of several industries and redefined the notion of what’s possible.


Photograph Compliments of Alexander Andrews

Meet Neil deGrasse Tyson, who has marketed himself as the Jedi Master of Astrophysics. He’s a walking, talking conduit between the cosmos and pop culture. He portrays himself as a virtuoso of veritas in a universe of untruths. We all know what a great agent can do for you.

Here’s why Tyson isn’t just a big deal in the science world but a bona fide “monopoly of one”:

Tyson isn’t just another talking head with a telescope. He’s a card-carrying astrophysicist who can navigate the complexities of the cosmos like an explorer in a familiar forest. When he speaks, it’s not just with confidence but with the kind of authority that only comes from a deep well of expertise.

Have you ever tried to wrap your head around a scientific concept and felt lost in space? Tyson has the remedy. He can spin the complexities of astrophysics into tales as digestible and delightful as your favorite bedtime story. His extraordinary ability to explain the difficult to us in easily digestible terms and concepts is part of mass appeal.

Tyson isn’t just charismatic; he’s the guy you’d invite to your BBQ. His warmth, humor, and down-to-earth demeanor make him a hit not just on scientific platforms but also on talk shows, podcasts, and radio programs. He’s not just a presenter; he’s an entertainer.

Tyson’s sphere of influence is more extensive than the Milky Way. That could be too much hyperbole, but his books, TV appearances, and social media escapades have propelled science into the hearts and minds of millions. I know he has been an inspiration to me as well as a new generation of stargazers.

Tyson is a unique recipe of knowledge, eloquence, charm, and influence that he’s baked into a brand of science communication that’s all his own. Countless scientists can dazzle you with their brilliance. Some communicators can hold you spellbound with their words. When you mix those ingredients with Tyson’s brand of charm and reach – there’s only one Neil de Grasse Tyson, a Monopoly of One.


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Picasso, the maestro of the canvas, didn’t just paint pictures; he painted revolutions. Here’s why Picasso isn’t just another name in the annals of art but a “monopoly of one”:

Picture this – an artist says, “Let’s forget everything we know about perspective and foreshortening; let’s look at our subject from multiple angles all at once and slap it on canvas within a whirl of geometric lines.” Sounds crazy, right? Yet, that’s what Picasso did with Cubism, turning art on its head and blowing the minds of anyone daring to look.

Picasso was different from the type to stick to one lane. His artistic fingers painted, sculpted, sketched, and even wove through textiles. And if you think that’s impressive, he produced so many works of art that there are disagreements on how many he created. Regardless of the exact amount, his output was staggering. That’s not just an artist but a relentless, unstoppable art factory.

Picasso had more styles than a fashion week runway. From his melancholic Blue Period to his upbeat Rose Period, his African art-flavored concoctions, and his affair with Surrealism, Picasso kept evolving, pushing boundaries, and smashing the proverbial box to smithereens.

Picasso didn’t just create art; he changed it forever. His bold brush strokes inspired countless artists, kick-started many art movements, and expanded the definition of what’s considered art.

In the bustling bazaar of modern art, Picasso didn’t just set up shop; he built an empire. His blend of audacious innovation, wide-ranging versatility, unyielding productivity, and immense influence is a rare masterpiece that no other artist has quite been able to replicate. Picasso didn’t just dominate the game; he was the game.

The Monopoly Of One Application

I get it; I know what you are thinking. I thought it as well. “How could I ever be like one of these people?” Here’s the deal. Excuse me while I embrace the self-help bruh hah hah. You are one of a kind, the monopoly of one. Who else does you better? I can’t think of anyone else, can you? 

Some say, “You can be anything you want.” Oh really? 

I can’t be Michael Jordan; first of all, I’m not tall enough. You could accuse me of being a squatty body. I’m not even interested in basketball.

 But you know what I can do? I can embrace Michael Jordan’s work ethic. 

You might not be Elon Musk. You don’t even have his genetic makeup. But you can think. You may not want to go to Mars, but you can still develop your Moonshot. Shoot for the moon, and maybe you’ll hit the barn. A lot of good things reside in barns.

Maybe you’re not Neil deGrasse Tyson; you could care less about astrophysics. But you can still study as he does. Whatever your interest, explore it. Learn it, live it, and love it. 

Most certainly, we aren’t Picasso, but this is the thing about old Pablo: How many different styles did he explore? 

This is the biggest secret to being a Monopoly of One – How many different skills and attributes can you combine to set yourself apart from everyone else truly? Become the Picasso that is you. You can do that!

Some hypothetical questions: Do you play guitar? Perform? Teach? Write? That’s four different skills right there. That’s already set you apart from the herd. And what else can you add? There is definitely more. How do all these things magnify your skill sets, complimenting one another? You get to decide that.  

Decision Time

Embrace your uniqueness and unleash your full potential. You are a Monopoly of One—a singular force with a combination of talents and skills that no one else possesses. It’s time to take your passion and creativity to new heights.

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