Caffeine, Its a Life Style


What motivates me everyday?  One guess.  Coffee. Caffeine, it’s a lifestyle.

The Daily Ritual

Every morning I participate in the ritual. At least a pot down the gullet. Not to mention the daily Quad-Americano just to finish out the evening.

What the caffeine does for me is to facilitate concentration.  My best and most productive wood-shedding  is done under the influence of said drug.  If I’m a little drowsy, I’m not as able to put my full mental capabilities in to the constant repetition required to facilitate practice.   Lots of starting and stopping and verbally motivating myself in a loud voice laced with harsh language.


To say that caffeine is a motivational tool is a complete understatement. It is everything.  I have both physical and mental dependence on caffeine.  It is my crutch.

I want to thank my father and his gene pool for this addiction.  After years of abusing coffee I have reached a pinnacle. I have such high level of dependence that I actually do not suffer sleep deprivation.  My adrenal gland is dead and can only be activated by serious injections of the drug.

Without it, nothing is accomplished, nothing begun, nothing finished.  Good thing Seattle is my home.


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  1. I am not a coffee drinker — however I so understand the need to the point I have renamed coffee “Anti-kill juice”

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