What Is Your Massive Transformative Purpose?

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Since you have been following the Mackncheeze Music Blog, you understand we delve into the profound heart of creativity, purpose, and transformation. Today, we pose a critical question: What Is Your Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)? This concept, originating from exponential organizations, serves as a guiding beacon, illuminating the path of individuals, teams, and organizations. For artists and musicians, your MTP could be the unique, resonating frequency that fuels your artistic journey.

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What Are You Asking Yourself?

In a world echoing with countless melodies, how does your art stand out? Is it through bridging cultural divides with your harmonious compositions, or painting environmental narratives that challenge societal norms? How do you stand out from the herd? What makes you different from the myriad of voices shouting out to be recognized?

Each artist has a unique purpose, a story awaiting to be woven into the grand tapestry of creativity.

Do you feel the disconnect between your art and your audience, as if you’re singing in an empty concert hall? Are you wandering through your creative journey, yearning for a beacon to guide you towards a grander vision? Does every rejection letter feel like a brick wall, blocking your path to success?

What is your larger vision? What song does your heart yearn to play, and what story does your art itch to tell? Identifying your Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) – your own ‘north star’ – can be a game-changer. Stick around as we dive into how uncovering your MTP can amplify your artistic voice, anchor your resilience during stormy times, and strike a resounding chord with your audience.

What Is A Massive Transformational Purpose

The book “Exponential Organizations” introduced a concept called “Massive Transformative Purpose” (MTP). This idea is the brainchild of Salim Ismail, Michael S. Malone, and Yuri van Geest. Like a north star, an MTP guides an individual or organization. It’s an authentic, ambitious beacon in the unpredictable seas of change. And, boy, howdy, change is happening lightening pace.

MTP isn’t a mere checkbox on a to-do list. It’s akin to a painter’s sweeping stroke, defining the broad canvas of impact an organization aims to color. For instance, consider how Google’s purpose is not just compiling data but organizing the world’s information to make it universally accessible. How about Tesla and the company’s goal to push the world towards sustainable transport, not just manufacture electric cars.

Rethink Your Purpose

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Think of your MTP as a heart pulsating at an entity’s core in an ever-competitive, evolving world. It pumps vitality into every aspect of your creativity, luring fresh insight and sparking innovation. You want to be able to rally resources and stitch together a community with common threads of purpose and vision. The unwavering pulse resonates through trials and challenges, maintaining focus, fueling motivation, and building resilience. This heartbeat, your MTP, keeps the entity alive, vibrant, and thriving amidst any turbulence.

In the vast tapestry of the arts, patrons, audiences, and collaborators don’t simply observe from the sidelines. They’re connoisseurs, admirers, and sometimes fellow artists, yearning for creations that vibrate with more than just aesthetic appeal. An MTP, in this context, is akin to a strikingly original masterpiece in a gallery, a moment that freezes the observer in awe, connecting deeply with the human spirit. It’s not just about the precision of brush strokes or the interplay of colors, but the compelling narrative that lingers long after the viewer has left the room. An MTP invites artists to transcend the canvas of convention, to forge a lasting legacy that contributes to the world beyond just the realm of the beautiful.

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Lady Gaga

With her stage bathed in electric hues and her voice echoing through packed arenas, Lady Gaga, born Stefani Germanotta, has become more than just a pop sensation – she is a beacon of hope and resilience. Her Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), “Creating a kinder and braver world,” reverberates through every aspect of her work, reaching far beyond the music charts to touch millions of hearts worldwide.

In 2011, Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, founded the Born This Way Foundation. Named after Gaga’s hit album and single, the foundation is a testament to her Massive Transformative Purpose, providing support to young people and empowering them with the resources necessary to build a kinder, braver world.

But the manifestation of her MTP is not confined to the realms of her foundation alone. It bursts forth in her music and performances. Who can forget the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, where her soldiers-in-service themed performance of “Alejandro” championed the rights of LGBTQ+ military members? Or her Oscar-nominated song “Til It Happens to You,” a heart-wrenching anthem for survivors of sexual assault?

Lady Gaga’s MTP is also reflected in her advocacy for mental health. She openly shares her own struggles with mental health, fostering an environment where it’s okay to be ‘Born This Way.’ Through her honesty, she challenges stigmas and empowers her fans to seek help, embrace their individuality, and celebrate their uniqueness.

Whether through her foundation, her music, or her public persona, Lady Gaga’s MTP continually fuels her journey, reshaping not only her artistic landscape but the world at large. And so, she stands, a trailblazer, illuminating the path for others to follow in her pursuit of a kinder, braver world.

MTP As Our Compass

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As an example, take a potter at the wheel, their hands drenched in clay, fingers sculpting formless lumps into works of art. Or picture a musician, maybe yourself, in the heat of creation, notes floating from their instrument, weaving together a melody that transcends cultural boundaries.

This is the realm of artists and musicians, and it is the same landscape where the concept of Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) takes root.

An MTP for these creatives weaves like an invisible thread through each note, each brush stroke, pulsating with the change they wish to inspire. It serves as their guiding force, a resounding echo of their intent in the world. In the harmonies of the musician, it strives to build bridges, while through the visuals of an artist, it prods society into questioning norms.

Now, envision this MTP as a compass in the hands of an explorer, directing choices, collaborations, and connections. It’s the magnet pulling in supporters, fans gathering around the rhythm of their purpose, promoters aligning with their vision, patrons funding their flame of change.

And when the storms of criticism and competition rage, threatening to snuff out the light of creativity, it’s the MTP that stands as their beacon in the dark, their ‘north star’. It’s a reminder of what’s important, the undercurrent of motivation and resilience when financial instability strikes or the world’s applause fades. It keeps them centered, steering their craft steadfastly towards what truly matters to them.

Hungry For Music

In the world of Hungry for Music, every child with a melody in their heart and a rhythm in their soul is should be given the chance to bring it to life. Their mission? To fill eager hands with quality musical instruments, fanning the flames of musical passion where economic hardship threatens to extinguish them. This is not a random act of charity, but a commitment to nurture the talents of children who thirst for music, and to support educators who have ready and willing pupils but lack the tools to teach them.

For nearly three decades, Hungry for Music has been a beacon of hope for thousands of children across all 50 states and 32 countries, helping them to transcend their circumstances through the power of music. The instrument count given away exceeds 20,000, but the real impact of their work lies beyond the numbers. It’s in the faces of children who find solace, expression, and joy in playing their own tune; it’s in the resounding chords of unity and understanding that erase borders and foster global connections.

But the melody doesn’t stop there. Hungry for Music doesn’t just provide the instruments; they cultivate an environment where dreams can take flight. They empower parents who struggle with rental or purchase costs, they stand by music teachers who have enthusiastic students but limited resources, and they bolster innovative community music programs in need of support. The magic unfolds as donated instruments find new homes, transforming hungry young souls into inspired musicians. It’s the music of transformation, an anthem of resilience and creativity, striking the chords of change and shaping the world, one instrument at a time.

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You Have To Know Your Why

Perhaps you’re staring at the ticking clock on the wall of a gray, soulless office. Each second is a stark reminder of dreams unfulfilled. You may yearn for more, a canvas to paint your passions on, a life beyond a desk and a paycheck. And yes, you could lose yourself in the numbing embrace of recreational drugs or alcohol to drown the monotony in their temporary oblivion. But deep down, your inner voice whispers against that. It whispers for a choice that feeds your spirit, not smothers it. What’s that choice going to be?

Take the artist’s canvas, not splashed with vibrant colors of joy but instead streaked with the dull grays of unrealized dreams. Or picture a path, not smooth and inviting but cluttered with stumbling blocks of life. Consider the silent echoes in the hollow of your soul, left by the departure of trust, more deafening than any physical blow could be. Each of these scenarios evokes pain, not etched on flesh but woven into the fabric of the mind.

With pain acting like a persistent background noise, concentrating on your craft turns into an exhausting struggle. Simultaneously, the creeping insecurity linked to unpredictable circumstances leaves a cloud over your confidence, dimming the shine of your true potential.

Another Cog In The Wheel; More Reasons To Create Your MTP

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In today’s world, standing alone with a head full of encyclopedic knowledge won’t get you far. The vast digital universe holds a trove of information, dwarfing any individual’s capacity for memorization. A person needs to be incredibly specialized to rise in a corporation.

Why pursue an accreditation from an organization promising a certification, unless it brings some tangible benefit to your progress? Is that certification an end-all solution? Isn’t it clear that the process you’re participating in often primarily fills another’s coffers and enhances their lifestyle?

At the core lies the painstaking endeavor of crafting art, cultivating generosity, and unveiling creativity. Venturing with a roadmap allows both a vision and the readiness to act upon what you perceive. Emotional labor is the essence of your paid work, and among its most challenging facets is confronting the gaping void of possibilities and selecting a path to tread on.

The question to ask yourself: By incorporating humanity and flexibility in your interactions can you help yourself and others thrive?

Having A MTP Makes You The Expert, The Singularity

Art never achieves flawless perfection. Remarkable creations never meet exact specifications, as conforming to standards would strip them of their uniqueness and render them unremarkable.

Can you see yourself holding a prism in your hands? Like the colors from a kaleidoscope, the world bends and refracts through its facets, transforming what others see as a monochrome reality into a riot of colors. That’s expertise—your unique lens to question and recreate the unchallenged truths of your field.

We all know a blind squirrel can sometimes find a nut. The value of beginner’s luck often gets overstated; they generally aren’t the ones shaking up the norms and fortuitously discovering a groundbreaking idea. Yet, it’s more probable that the chess master—understanding every move and countermove—will checkmate the king. In this game, you’re the architect of an eye-catching website, the director capturing heart-wrenching scenes, and the innovator breaking new ground with a product. And in this masterful orchestration, the sweet notes of chance success often sound slightly off-key.

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei, known for his provocative artistic endeavors, has made a name for himself not only in the world of art but also in the arena of global activism. Born in Beijing, China, in 1957, Ai has been unafraid to employ his talent to call attention to injustices in his native country and beyond. His art, which ranges from sculpture and installations to photography and film, often carries potent political commentary, reflecting a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) rooted in advocacy for democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression.

One of Ai’s most iconic works, the “Sunflower Seeds” installation at Tate Modern in 2010, consisted of millions of individually hand-painted porcelain sunflower seeds. This monumental piece not only explored the “Made in China” phenomenon but also sparked dialogues about individuality and collective responsibility. It showcased his ability to use seemingly simple concepts to make profound statements about society and humanity.

Ai Weiwei’s Impact

Ai Weiwei’s influence extends beyond the walls of art galleries and museums. He’s been a vocal critic of the Chinese government, unflinchingly highlighting issues like censorship, corruption, and the violation of human rights. Despite facing significant consequences – including imprisonment and being barred from leaving China for several years – Ai’s commitment to his MTP remains steadfast.

His documentary, “Human Flow,” is another testament to his dedication to human rights. The film, released in 2017, presents an unflinching look at the global refugee crisis, showing the harsh realities faced by millions of displaced individuals. The film serves as a compelling call to the world to uphold the principles of human rights, mirroring his MTP and bolstering his reputation as a defender of freedom and equality.

Through these undertakings and more, Ai Weiwei continues to embody his MTP. His courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment to expressing his beliefs through art demonstrate the transformative power of aligning one’s work with a greater purpose. It’s a journey marked by daring, defiance, and a commitment to truth that has firmly established Ai Weiwei as one of the most consequential artists and activists of his generation.

How Can You Create Your MTP?

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Envision an untouched canvas. The first brush strokes may seem arbitrary, the colors disjointed. But with every stroke, a picture emerges, and a theme surfaces. This resembles an artist’s or musician’s Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). It’s not a banner they wave or a statement they declare. Instead, it’s an undercurrent, often subtly flowing through their work, words, and actions. It’s a rhythm that beats in the background, a melody that binds their entire oeuvre.

Just as seasons change and tides turn, so too does this artistic compass. Like an elusive melody that matures with each rendition, their MTP may evolve, reflecting the artist’s own journey. Every new experience, every fresh insight seeps into their art, reshaping their perspectives, redefining their purpose.

Therefore, to truly grasp an artist’s MTP, one doesn’t merely listen to their words or gaze at their creations. One immerses oneself in their symphony of experiences, unearthing the message buried not just in the notes, but in the silences in between.

Some Considerations

What are you deeply passionate about? What issues do you care about most? Answering these questions can offer insight into what your MTP might be.

Consider the impact you want to make on the world. What change do you want to bring about? How do you want to make a difference?

Remember, an MTP is transformative and aspirational. It’s not about what can be easily achieved but about what seems impossible. It’s about creating a purpose so compelling that it inspires others to join you. I’ve said it before: shoot for the moon, if you hit the barn, that’s not so bad.

Your MTP should align with your core values. It should be something you believe in and are willing to commit to.

Once you have gathered all the necessary insights, craft your MTP statement. Make sure it is clear, inspiring, and memorable.

Remember, an MTP isn’t just a lofty statement to be framed on a wall. It’s a beacon that guides every decision, every strategy, and every innovation. It’s a potent tool for individuals and organizations alike, driving growth, impact, and transformation. So, what is your Massive Transformative Purpose?

The Invitation

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