The Phantom

“Someone’s talking in the guitar solo.”


“There is someone talking in the guitar solo.”

I listened to the track over and over and could not hear the voice. I went through every single track. Nothing. During the guitar solo I muted every track that was inactive. Nothing.

“Dude, the voice is still there.”

“What? It can’t be.”

“I guess we we’ll just live with it. There is still someone talking in guitar solo.”

Mix down; listening over and over again, until one pass, I heard it. There was a voice in the guitar solo. Some one was talking. How could that be? The amp was in isolation. Not possible. But there was the voice.

Getting to the bottom of it

I scrutinized every track. No voice was recorded any where, yet the talking continued. Then, paying close attention to the panning, I figured it out. The rhythm guitar track. The EQ was too concentrated in the 1.5 to 2 k range. I dropped those frequencies and, behold, the talking voice disappeared.

Wow! Who would have thought? Guitar solo saved.

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