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  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 21

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 21

    Featuring Ed Maloney Club Owner, Music Promoter and Producer Ed Maloney Former Owner of the Seattle Landmark Highway 99 Blues Club Ed shares his music business insight Is there any way we can help you?

  • Mackncheeze Podcast # 12

    Mackncheeze Podcast # 12

    Interview with Todd Ainsworth AKA Murl Hartwood of Seattle Country Band, Hartwood Is there any way we can help? We appreciate any suggestions or comments. Thanks for reading. You know where to find us.

  • Mackncheeze Music Podcast 11

    Mackncheeze Music Podcast 11

    An Interview with Knuckles Front Man Dan Manier and Guitarist Sean Hudson Can we help you in any way? https://www.mackncheeze.com/ We appreciate comments and suggestions. You know where to find us. Thanks for listening.

  • Mackncheeze Podcast # 9

    Mackncheeze Podcast # 9

    Eric Ritts Shares Insights On Marco Bass Guitars Can we help you in any way? Thank You. If you have enjoyed this blog, please share with others who might find us interesting. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. You know where to find us.

  • Sarcasm: Just Another Service I Offer

    Sarcasm: Just Another Service I Offer

    Sarcasm = Superpower!

  • Get A Clue

    As a drummer, my most important function is to keep time. In the 80’s I learned how to play live with sequences, time delay, arpeggiators and click tracks. In another band, we were recording an album, with out click, and I could not get past the fourth song. I was second guessing every beat and…

  • The Labor Is The Reward

    Yeah, you got that right. It is the love of music which sustains me. The love of the people, the process and the execution. What God given talents I have been blessed with have only been the starting point; a flame that kindled. Continually feeding that fire is the process. More accomplishment, greater love, more…

  • I Have A Dream

    Do you have a Dream? I dream and have dreams of success. I once dreamt I was a chicken. I am not sure what the underlying psychology of chicken dreams means in relationship to reality, but there it is. Cocking my head and eyeing the gravel, looking for that kernel of corn. I thrust my…

  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job

    Don’t Quit Your Day Job

    Your day job might be the anchor you need. The Day Job I love to play music, I love to record, and, to the best of my abilities, I love to produce music. But what I also love is a super cool job, health insurance, and stability. Call me double-minded. I have been a Sommelier…

  • Groundhog Day