Seven Considerations of Success, Maybe More

Do we say to ourselves, “I’m gonna bust ass and become a success?” If we love what we’re doing, if we’re passionate, does it matter how far we go? Sometimes, just getting that one cut which you have been struggling with will make your day and build confidence.

Success can have many different interpretations. There are all sorts of aspirations: from hanging with friends, doing some jamming, drinking and smoking, to the highest levels of accomplishment.

The world, especially here in the United States, defines success in financial terms. Can it have a broader definition? I have heard that financial acquisition just alleviates worry about money. What’s left is everything else.

Mark Twain Understood Challenges

The Challenges Of Success

Complacency – Often it lies in tandem with being content where we are. Is the concept of accomplishment thrilling and exciting? Is there passion in the cause? Does it fire you up to see what’s next and what further progress lies in your future?

Fearfulness – There are lots of great ideas out there. I know, because I think of them all the time. Putting that great idea into action is another game altogether. What if this objective takes me away from my comfort zone?

Uncertainty – The reality is summed up readily: what if I don’t triumph in my efforts? Well, you might not end up at the place you had envisioned. There may be that gnawing feeling that you aren’t capable enough or even deserving the reward. Perseverance is everything. I have heard it said over and over, again and again, this is not sprint but a marathon. Is it a matter of how fast we run 42 kilometers, or is it the accomplishment of just crossing the finish line? That, by itself, is a huge deal.

Inactivity – To make that great idea come to fruition requires massive effort. Isn’t it easier to watch a flat screen, observing others achieving destiny, than to act upon it one’s self.

Diversion – Friends, family and social life; these are tenets of our societal contract. Yet attainment is usually done in isolation. Great sculpture usually isn’t created watching a football game with our buddies and beer. It’s a challenge to provoke yourself to action, knowing full well that associations need to be limited.

Connectivity – Are you around people who are an inspiration? Who are you hanging with? Do you have a coach, a mentor, a person who has gone before you who knows the ropes? Like minded people who are on a path similar to yours can be found almost anywhere. God made the internet; use it.

Hyperbole – It’s everywhere. Fake it till you make it, a premise of many network marketing concepts of which I have been involved. Self aggrandizement is prevalent on tons of social media. Deception often has a way of coming back around to haunt you. Keeping promises to others and yourself is super important; say what you do, do what you say. A great teacher once said, “Let your yes be yes, and your no be no…”

The Success Of Your Life

Ungratefulness – Do you remember from where you have come? Who helped you along the way? What gifts were you given? What events have brought you to this point? Who is on your team? Who loves you? What circumstances have made today a good day? Is it good to just breathe? What compulsions influenced your venture into the foray? These are some examples which deserve thankfulness.

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