I look back in to my past and realize the mistakes I have made. Perhaps chances for our personal success are available to us more than we think. Many of us are caught up in our expectations, not being able to see opportunities that are obtainable. It is a, “Not seeing the forest for the trees,” sort of thing.

Are we ready for those favorable circumstances when they arrive? Often times we are not willing to put out the effort to reach out and grab the moment because what we see isn’t anticipated.

Fact of The Matter

The truth is that the things we get from life is what matches our mind set. There are no angels showing up to ‘Miracle’ our success in to existence. To grab what we are looking for requires extending our hands to get it.

Are You Ready?

Success is when preparedness and opportunity meet.

Opportunity can become hard work. It is a chance to recover from failure in addition to other difficulties. When we become clear as to our direction, we can take the steps to walk towards it. Stepping and reaching out is a way to show we believe our chance is showing up. Be ready for it by confidently doing whatever it takes. There may be limited options available but find a way to come closer to the things you love.

Find People Who Are On The Same Path

It’s tough to be the lone wolf. A pack is more likely to succeed than the individual. Associating with like minded persons will bolster your confidence, including sharpening your focus. There is truth in the adage, “Iron sharpens iron.”

Your associations may find their opportunities sooner than you. This applies to me. Some of my friends have been working harder and longer at their craft; of course they will have more options.

Close relationships with successful friends creates an opportunity oriented mindset. I hold those people close to my chest; they are valuable resources.

Can we help?

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