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  • Mackncheeze Music Recipe Poisson Et Legumes

    Mackncheeze Music Recipe Poisson Et Legumes

    Simply – Fish and Vegetables Before I share the recipe, I have this to say… My heritage is from Alsace-Lorraine. Throw in a little German and Dutch, with a whole lot of French, and boom, there you have it. The result is my propensity for Gaulic Sensuality. This encompasses the total experience of the senses.…

  • Mackncheeze Music Chicken Recipe

    Mackncheeze Music Chicken Recipe

    Poulet du Collins Low and slow, that’s my secret. Gourmet is always best. I hate Bad Food. When I cook, I need the ability to walk away and focus on something else. Writing, or practicing, or recording, all super important. Lack of time is a huge consideration. Life and creativity are pushing and pulling; the…