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As much as possible, I try super hard to shield myself from negativity. Well meaning friends and relatives, seeking sympathy or empathy for their less than positive situations, inadvertently drop their experiences into my refuse pile.

Which brings me to Negativity Bias: negative situations have greater impact on one’s state of mind than a positive situation of similar intensity. Perhaps this explains some of this Covid mass hysteria thing. Hey folks, last I looked there were flowers and grass growing, birds singing, a beautiful sunrise and sunset ( somewhere, anyways ).

Since I have a brain, I prefer to wile away the hours, sniffing at the flowers.

If I am an average of the five people I most closely associate with, then those folks are the average of the five people they most closely associate with, meaning those folks are the average of those five people: exponential ad nauseam. Results: mediocrity, negativity, fear, unmotivation paired with demotivation, lack of expectations; these can become symptomatic to my head space.

Welcome to my cocoon. I am a the expectant caterpillar, metamorphosing into a beautiful butterfly ( I have an aptitude for triteness ). It can only done in a protective sheathe.

Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 32: Featuring Randy Sage – Film Producer Bryan At Mackncheeze

Film Producer, Screen Writer, Director, Photographer, Singer/Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist and Composer.  Randy shares his experiences as a song writer and musician, his journey in film making, and the passion that drives his creativity. Randy Sage Films Randy Sage Photography and Film Bryan at Mackncheeze  Mackncheeze Music 
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