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On the road and a plane flight later we arrive at the club.  Part of the contract stipulates accommodations, of which we are immensely grateful.  It always helpful to defer costs, especially hotels; saves a ton of money.

We have been booked an extended engagement and will be at the club several days.  Get it while you can: these days these types of gigs are few and far in-between.  Not like the old days.

We set up our gear and get the sound check done.  Pretty cool when we don’t have to rush and play.  Downbeat is 9 pm tomorrow night.  Time to get settled in to our lodging.

Everyone gets their own bedroom.  Shared bathroom, but, so what, privacy on the road is a precious thing.  I’m thinking, ‘I get a room to myself’.  Right On!!!!!

Intimacy with a creature which can withstand 5,000 to 10,000 rads.

Exhausted, I crawl into bed.  Basically I pass out.  Its been a long day.

I dream of a hot summer day, laying in the grass, leaves rustling in the gentle wind, caressing my body.  A cold beer would be nice, making my lounging perfect.

But……something isn’t right, I can’t put my finger on it, but the leaves seem to be rustling a little too frantically.

Slowly, begrudgingly, I come to consciousness.  There is really something wrong.  Turning on the bedstand lamp I cautiously pull back the sheets.  ARRRRRG!!!!! Oh My God!!!!!!  There are three cockroaches in the bed.  I want to puke, shivering from the revulsion.

I jump out of bed.  AHHHH!!!  AHHHHH!!!  AHHHHH!!!


I run to the local Stop and Rob and buy a can of Raid.  Who cares about health risks. Besides, its only temporary.  Death to cockroaches!!!!


If there is anything we can do for you, please ask. We want to help.

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